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Don961:  Joint Operations: we are preparing to declare "victory of the Iraqi Week"

03/06/2017 23:03:43

BAGHDAD / obelisk:

I expected the leadership of joint operations, Sunday, run "media battle" anticipated after regaining control of the city of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daesh, confirmed the existence of censorship on the media during military operations, as indicated near the Declaration "Week of the Iraqi victory" after the liberation of the city.

A spokesman for the command Brigadier General Yahya Messenger in a televised interview aired on Alsumaria TV "and vassal" obelisk ", said that" there are areas fell in the media without a fight and Jabihna this media dramatically, "pointing out that" there is a decrease in the media Daesh but it still has the possibility of filming defeat as a victory. "

In response to a question concerning joint operations to exercise control over the media during the Mosul operations, the Messenger said: "Yes, can not afford any channel access to the battlefield only after the approval of the Joint Special Operations Command and the cell war media," noting that "we dealt with the media Alchocrh all Our mission and professional editing land of Mosul. "

He pointed out that the Messenger "has been several international conferences and with the participation of experts in psychology and media held, in order to prepare for the battle for the media after the expulsion of the terrorist elements Daesh from Iraqi territory," asserting that "there is a great effort made in this area."

He added that "the right coast, left the little thing, and after the announcement of victory by the general commander of the armed forces, there will be a week great victory for the Iraqi liberation of Mosul, dear."

For his part, he sees the commander of counter-terrorism Lieutenant-General Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, Sunday, two options for militants "Daesh" who are in the old Mosul, threatening to kill the other elements of the organization in the city, as revealed efforts to introduce "derived lessons" from the battles fought by the machine in military training institutes .

Asadi said that "Aldoaash and put themselves in an unenviable situation and not in front of them now only two options are only two, either surrender or death Zaam," noting that "our sector stands on the outer fence of the old city, and will be our calculations filter with those bastards."

He added that "if Mosul was empty of civilians was editing the right Coasts left and ended less than a month, we sought to preserve the citizens, which led to delay the process," adding that "we will continue to work until the killing of another Daasha desecrated the land of Nineveh, the pure."

In a related context, al-Asadi said that "battles fought counter-terrorism and we will come out of many lessons derived represent a summary of the positive factors that we won the battle to be entered and documented training to our institutions."

Joint Iraqi forces have been locked in seven months fierce fighting in the province of Nineveh to liberate them from the grip of the "Daesh", and achieved remarkable progress of those forces led to the liberation of the left coast connector completely and most of the right areas of the coast.

Source: Follow-up to the obelisk


Aggiedad77:  Strengthen and intensify the meetings between the three Presidencies....that would be Masum, Abadi, and Jubouri......wonder what they could be wanting to talk to about....the election stuff is old news IMO....as is anything about laws and regional strengthening.......get to the nitty gritty.....cut to the chase......stop beating around the bush.....let's talk good stuff.....like a celebration for Mosul....then an even greater celebration for a new international rate for your country's currency......just do it....IMO.    Aloha    Randy

Don961:   principalities Iraq agree to "intensify" her meetings

Twilight News President Fuad Masum, and House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri / stressed on Saturday the need to intensify meetings between the three presidencies.

This came during the reception of infallible evening Jubouri, according to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic and were to Twilight News, a copy of it.

The statement added that the infallible Jubouri and they discussed about the latest political and security developments, and the efforts of the legislative authority to issue a number of important laws, in particular concerning the upcoming elections as well as ways to strengthen Iraq's strategic position at the regional and international levels.

The statement continued that the infallible Jubouri and stressed the importance of intensifying the consultative meetings between the three presidencies guarantee for the supreme national interest at all levels.


Needtounderstand:  National Reconciliation!

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