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Upstart:  Abadi: Speaking about Mosul today   (Iraqi Media Network )
LINK:    Abadi announced edit Mosul will soon

DELTA, any chance you can give us a detailed translation ?
Peggy53: Article:   Iraq Tenders     Global Procurement / International Contracts  Link  
I thought I might try and help with a better understanding of realizing Iraq's goals and deadlines they have tried to set up for themselves. Although nothing may ever be set in stone and only God himself knows whats in store for us we do the best we can.

When mankind runs a business or a country and your good at what you do and driven like " Prime Minister Abadi & President Trump" are those deadlines are set in your head to accomplish with no other focus. When you have compassion & empathy for life you prioritize your values while trying to meet your deadlines and goals. 
International Contracts are HUGE $$$$ each will create endless amount of jobs and they will stimulate the worlds economy,they cannot be requested or obtained without an International Exchange Rate, so if you look at just this one website of many procurement sites, it clearly states the deadline for applications begin on June 11th, 2017.

 Based on the above information and many other things we have learned based on research I really think the likelihood of Iraq posting an International Rate this weekend has a GREAT PROBABILITY!!

MilitiaMan:  Peggy your analysis and thought process is very unique. Interesting that June 11 is a Sunday.. and June 13 is Tuesday... Delta and Frank explained why Tuesday's are in play for CBI to lift 3 zeros... I found this very interesting and sensible. Imo Tuesday the 13th also has the same probability as your projection. Thank you for your interesting articles and posts... much appreciated.

Cole:  MM, I agree... the appeal to the budget on Monday increases the likelihood of rate change Tuesday... in my studies... but hey, there are many many opportunities scattered throughout the month... this month IS looking really hot. TY sir

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