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MAY 31 - WED
Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education and the Christian endowment and other religions )
CBI -Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( tables of the Martyrs Foundation and the province of Muthanna , the General Authority for meteorological and seismic monitoring )
Meeting with IMF

CBI - Auctions for Thur and Sun


CBI - Auctions for Sun and Mon
CBI - Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( Ministry of Water Resources table and several ministries schedule ( Paralympic Committee , Migration and Displacement , the Ministry of Planning , Scientific Academy , the Securities Commission )
CBI - Gold bullion , which will be on sale under which prices Tuesday , corresponding to 2017/6/6

CBI - Auctions for Mon and Tue
The Launch of Mobile Banking Begins
The Iraqi authorities and the IMF mission have reached agreement on a supplementary budget for 2017 - http://www.imf.org/en/News/Art.....-123-35364

CBI - Auctions for Tue and Wed
CBI - To / licensed banks all companies and all money transfer companies to broker the sale and purchase of foreign currency all ( forged documents )
CBI - Black lists of international financial institutions at the Central Bank of Iraq / copy updated
Internet begins to be shut down from 7-8am
The selling of gold bullion starts for Iraqui Citizens
WS - Reports : M/B Soaring
DELTA - Reports : Iraq signed with a memorandum of understanding from the International Monetary Fund aimed at monitoring the financial and economic policy " X " aims to help Iraq in the reform of foreign exchange policy ".

CBI - Auctions for Wed and Thur - With nothing posted to SS
CBI - To / banks (Rafidain / Rasheed / Iraqi Trade Bank) ( the instructions of the General Treasury bills / dues contractors )
CBI - Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( the Ministry of Electricity tables and Wasit province , and the province of Diwaniyah )
Internet is shut down from 7-8am
Abadi is urging the Baghdad government to speed up implimentation of the budget - http://aliraqnews.com/?p=185260
News - Jordan is demanding 1 billion in debts from Iraq

CBI - To / banks (Rafidain / Rasheed / Trade Bank of Iraq) ( instructions to pay the public treasury bills / dues contractors )
CBI - To / Ministry of Finance / Accounting Service ( Instructions to pay the public treasury bills / dues contractors )
CBI - To / banks (Rafidain / Rasheed / Trade Bank of Iraq) ( Help the public treasury bonds / Contractors dues in accordance with paragraph (5 - b) Corporate )
Internet is shut down from 7-8am
CBI - Opening Offers buying and selling foreign currency daily window in the Iraqi Central Bank on Thursday, a brief summary of 06.08.2017 and the port on Wednesday, a brief summary of 07.06.2017 and the results were as follows:

Internet is shut down from 7-8 am

JUNE 10 - SAT (holy day)
Internet is shutdown from 7-8am
The day Abadi Has announced for Liberation Announcement

Internet is shut down from 7-8 am

Internet is shut down from 7-8 am
The budget appeal comes under review

Internet is uninterrupted

Okay, so looking at this short snippet of time here. I just took from the CBI and a few events from the last few days,

So lets look at a few things, IF things are on a roll, and IF "A" is where he wants to be. This is where my mind goes . . .

So we see that things start to escalate quickly this week. I have only input news from the last two days. It is interesting to me all of those documents by the CBI stating for contractors to start work regardless of what the Ministry of Finance is doing, hmmmmm. It's like they know something is coming. The budget perhaps??

So I think (if I remember right) it was about a week ago that the budget was talked about, and the can was kicked down the road. A week. So either the judge needed a week to re-write things to get this budget back under control, or Abadi put his size 9 in the judge's rear to get things moving faster in removing the corruption from it.

(I found the article I was trying to find for this, is it post 71 on page 4 of todays thread)
It is interesting to note the new additions on the CBI docs that are posted, and the fact that there was no piggybacked auctions posted for Sunday this week . . .
so let's just say that they want the new rate before budget is signed into law, would YOU want that done on Monday if you are Abadi?? Or would you want it done and visible to the populace before the Celebration on the 10th? So you can say "Hey Iraq, we are a sovereign people again.

Here's what I have done for you, you now have food to buy, your streets are safe, , the Daesh are gone, and are never coming back! Your borders are secure, you have internet, you have mobile banking, you have money, your money, and it's worth something!!! These corrupt politicians who are stealing from you are gone! Maliki, that snake, he is in jail now! Those crooked parliament members, they are gone now, or running! This is your Iraq! We are sovereign! Now get out there and party hardy, because this is your day Iraq that I have given to you!

Makes him look really good. To have all those boxes checked on the same day. And he's in this to win this. He cares about his people. And he is meeting all his deadlines. It just seems to me that he announces everything at the same time. And everything is there and ready to go. So if he's not doing it Monday. (IF he wants to announce all at the same time) What other day is there on the timeline? Look at it and tell me what your thoughts are.

Again, this is all IMO, but it looks really cool when you look at it like this in the past few days context. And I am probably missing things, but this is what I put together. Ciao!


Walkingstick:  Abadi is planning an emergency government and America welcomes

Revealed senior political sources in Baghdad, on Thursday, it is contemplated to resort to an emergency government in Iraq, in the case could not be made scheduled for April 2018 general elections, or in the event of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi failed to win qualifies him to stay another term in office.

The sources pointed out in an interview for "Arab," I followed "Sky Press," that "the scenario of an emergency government, is acceptable to an American and clear, and is based on the extension of Ebadi, another year, after the end of his term early summer of 2018" to prevent the receipt of a personal pro-Iranian post of prime minister .

Americans fear Abadi failed to achieve good results help him maintain his position another four years, or the occurrence of widespread fraud in the 2018 elections lead to change the results of the ballot.

The Followers of the Iraq war that the scenario of the emergency government is preparing for it in the context of a plan to keep Iraq from Iran and support for al-Abadi, who did not hide his desire to get rid of the Iranian hegemony and openness to the Arab role, while warning all of a coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of the Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, of the danger of this scenario.

Most of the Sunni political leaders and push for postponement of the elections, until the return of displaced newly liberated areas of Daesh is complete, which allows to extend the current mandate of the Abadi.

Observers do not rule out that the resort Iran's allies in Iraq to the involvement of the popular crowd with a weapon in the electoral equation in order to change the results.

As mentioned Wafiq al-Samarrai, a senior officer in the former Iraqi army, and comment regularly on the security and political developments in the country, he said that "the relationship between the crowd and the Abadi based on suspicion and lack of trust, unfortunately, the main reason lies in the fear Abadi of his failure in the election, which is uncertain because of failure in all state files, the most important of corruption and the paths of war management, where far too long and multiplied losses. "

He adds Samurai, known to be close to al-Maliki, and support the popular crowd, that "the crowd forces, I want to provoke high levels, open on the Syrian border war, which fronts are open to all directions, and land a vast superiority of resources, where the crowd forces are deployed in all the provinces of the war" .

The news coincides concerning the emergency government, with the leaks concerning the stalled negotiations to choose a new council runs the Electoral Commission in Iraq.

The term of the current Board of Commissioners in September, which means the actual need to choose a new board if the April elections take place on time.

The House of Representatives voted on the lack of conviction after the Board of Commissioners answers questioned by the deputy of the Sadrist movement. It has become possible to vote on the Commission of the current elections, and resign, even before the expiry of its mandate.

It refuses Abadi office to comment on the scenario of the emergency government, but on the Keywords, a senior leader of the Dawa party in what has become known as "Abadi Suite", says that "the parties and political actors promoted to such a scenario back to concerns about the possibility of dismissal of the electoral commission," He is pointing out that "the information that you talk about the postponement of the parliamentary elections and resolve the government and parliament are baseless and the foundations of her at all."

The most prominent warnings issued by al-Maliki, which is linked to the formation of an emergency government in Iraq, a project to keep the Islamists from power.

Maliki said: "The international decision to Bunk issued by the Security Council under Chapter VI, calls for the formation of an emergency government under the pretext of the country's interim administration to stabilize conditions, and are holding the elections again, to complete the chapters of the plot to exclude the Islamic project."

For its part, says MP Hanan al, "The issue of the emergency government is the desire of an American", noting that this project "has no legal basis."

Fatlawi believes that "the Americans want to keep the Abadi in power, as it does not have a guarantee of victory in the elections."



Dinar Updates:


Neither this nor the UN potentially releasing funds to Iraq at the end of June are any kind of "date" indicator.

However, they are both very interesting pieces of news. International support for Iraq grows daily. They need this support to reengage with the world.
Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 8 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 8 June 2017 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: There appeared to be no significant intel reported on June 7 2017.

A. June 7 2017 1:02 pm EDT "IMF Reaches Agreement with Iraq" KTFA: "Interesting Timing" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts/News

Iraqi authorities and an International Monetary Fund (IMF) team reached a staff-level agreement on the second review of the Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) that was approved by the IMF Executive Board on July 7, 2016 (See Press Release No. 16/321).


B. June 7 2017 12:43 am EDT Bank Story Shabby Pink: Sharing a Bank Story" by SHABBY PINK - 6.7.17

I opened an account for my son today (June 6 2017), then inquired if they exchanged foreign currencies.

Representative: "Yes. What kind of currencies do you have?"

Me: "I have IQDs and ZIMs."

Representative: "ZIM? Oh, we do not deal with IQDs and what's that ZIM?"

Representative as we were finishing: "How much IQDs do you have?"

Me: "How much does the Zim exchange for?"

Representative: "How did you know only HSBC is exchanging Zim?" Then she went she went on and on about their bank is one of the 4 largest and I should transfer from my MILITARY bank to her bank, then said: "From here on I will be your personal banker. You do not have to fall in line. Just ask for me."

Me: "Oh, like a Wealth Manager?"

Representative: "That's where I'm going to be."

Funny how it started their bank does not deal with IQDs and ZIMs and yet at the end she said she is my "personal banker."

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