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Frank26 KTFA Video  Thursday  night 6-22-17   https://youtu.be/PIF5yG_jAvM
This article was posted earlier and highlighted in Franks Video: 

Peggy68:  Iran Proposes Visa-Free Regime with Iraq, Trade in Own Currencies

June 21, 2017 in Iraq Banking & Finance News, Iraq Industry & Trade News

Iran’s first vice-president put forward a proposal to lift visa requirements for the Iranian and Iraqi travelers, and also called for trade exchanges between the two countries using their own currencies, namely rial and dinar.

Addressing a meeting of high-ranking delegations from Iran and Iraq, attended by the visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and held in Tehran on Tuesday, Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri called for the expansion of banking cooperation between the two neighbors by removing the trade obstacles.

To that end, he proposed, Iran and Iraq can begin to trade using their national currencies.

Jahangiri then noted that the political, economic and security cooperation between Iran and Iraq has reached such a high level that they need to formulate a “comprehensive document on trade and economic cooperation.”

The vice president also pointed to the huge number of Iranian pilgrims traveling to Iraq every year, suggesting that Tehran and Baghdad should sign an agreement to lift the visa restrictions.

For his part, the visiting Iraqi prime minister voiced Baghdad’s readiness to boost relations with Tehran in all fields.

Iraq and Iran are in the same front in the fight against terrorism, Abadi added, saying the Takfiri terrorist groups in the Arab country are on the brink of destruction.

Heading a delegation, Abadi arrived in Tehran on Tuesday and held meetings with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.


Salamon69:  Thanks Frankie.  Interesting vantage point.    While we are all fast asleep walkingstick is watching the CBI website be transposed into some thing brand new in THE STILL OF THE NIGHT

Kind of like a test run when we wake up soon and very soon to a new reality. That is how it felt today.   Surreal and exciting.

The lava flow is now red HOT!  Confirmed what Peggy said that she felt something of a suddenly would happen on the 22nd.

Very interesting there is no buy / sell price.  We only see 1184 on the home page and a calculator so you can easily figure out what 1 dollar will buy you in dinar.

I feel like a kid before Christmas wondering if Santa will leave gifts under the fireplace  while I am sleeping, and eat the cookies that are left out for him and the glass of milk.

Or maybe that would be you and not Santa Claus because there are cookies involved!   Lol

Sweet dreams family.  Stay grounded and in prayer.  Exciting days ahead!


Maoakes12:  A well known financial guru, Jim Rickards, says there is going to be a major movement of currencies around the world on June 23.

What this means is beyond me. I think he states it has something to do with gold.

Anyone want to comment on this?

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