Thursday, June 22, 2017


VSDK:  Livestream is tricked me! Only the last 30 mins of the call  ( wed. night CC) got saved on livestream. I got late to the call & the 1st part which I missed is missing, given that there are no notes, would anybody be kind to share what was said on that 3/4ths of the call?  

Abundantlyblessed:  Draw a wheel.  Now imagine each bike spoke represents a HUGE event taking place from the 25th to the 30th. 

Things like: EID, announcement of Mosul, UN escrow funds, Iraq stock market closed, double auctions etc. 

Now imagine all the spokes colliding in the center causing ONE BIG FIREWORK display. 

THE END.  Lol    (Did I do good Frank?)

KTFA Wednesday  Night Conference Call

Approx. 2:30 long

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639     PIN: 156996#



Apmcrx:  Ok finally I found the SS (spread sheet) showing the .94 So now I have one qt about it. The rate showed for 2002 was 3.31 then 2003 was .29 and from 2004 to June 2017 the rate fluctuates from .84 the min and 1.49 the max...my question is... all these years the value has been there from what I noticed, so we just have to wait for the removal of Iraq's restrictions to return to the former glory of +/- 3 with the LD's as it was before?  

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