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AnimatedRock:  Haha, they sure aint doing that at a program rate.

Interesting that they are wanting to invest in infrastructure. Also interesting to note that S. Korea is the one building the bismaya project . . .  Hmmmmm

Samson:  Iraq plans to join the Asian Bank to invest in infrastructure

 06/21/2017 - 12:48

Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that Iraq plans to join the Asian Bank to invest in infrastructure, noting that the bank's president expressed his welcome to this trend.

The ministry said in a statement, received "Economy News", a copy of it, "The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to South Korea, Wadih Betty Hanna participated in the second annual meeting of the Bank's Asian Investment in infrastructure (AIIB), which was held in the Korean city of Jeju."

She added that "Iraq has participated as an observer at the meeting, which was opened by Korean President (J-moon said) and was attended by hundreds of official figures and representatives of the financial and banking institutions, civil society organizations and companies concerned."

She noted that "the ambassador met on the sidelines of the meeting, the President of the Bank (Jin Lee Cheon), stressing Iraq's desire to join the Bank after the completion of formalities so", while across the Bank president welcomed the move.



JJonesmx:  CBI.... News & Announcements

Central Bank approved on  2017 / 06 / 20  conducting a public auction auction ( D201 ) for the sale of the bank for remittances ( 182 ) days 06/21/2017



Samson:  Saleh's "Economy News": Abadi visit to Saudi Arabia economically successful

 21/06/2017 - 11:16

Description Advisor financial Prime Council of Ministers, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Wednesday, visit the President of the Council of Ministers to Saudi Arabia as successful economically .

Said Saleh in an interview especially for " Economy News " , the " visit the President of the Council of Ministers, Haider al - Abadi to Saudi Arabia successful so from the side of the economic in the opening prospects of a stable exchange of trade and encourage investment interconnection between the two neighbors , as well as from the fact that Iraq and Saudi Arabia are two key sectors of Islam in the world, and are Mrtkzan important for tourism and religious and developing areas of investment in them . "  

He added that " no secret that the two countries are the largest producers of oil in OPEC and possess the largest reserves of oil and traditional from among the countries of the world , which helps to develop policies common in the production and development ."

He pointed to the " relations of stable or permanent stability between the two countries means building stronger economic regional with the weight of a large in the area of the Middle East , both in industry stability , peace or development economic ."

Among the " visit Abadi crowned with success through the statement closing and the establishment of the Coordinating Higher cooperation and economic and technical between the two countries , which is the result of the success of the visit Prime Minister in establishing relations of economic solid and stable ."

The source of official preferred not to disclose for his name 's " economy News " , the 19 of June 2017 that " the President of the Council of Ministers Haidar Abadi , went to Saudi Arabia to discuss the relations of economic between the two countries " , noting that " Abadi will call for companies Saudi Arabia to contribute to the re - reconstruction of Iraq after edit the final of the organization Daesh



Don961:  The lifting of the Green Bird fly to Europe within two months
6/21/2017 0:00   Baghdad / Jinan al-Asadi

Iraqi Airways predicted the return flight of the bird green to European airspace during the next two months after the completion of safety measures, and while preparing for the opening of a written "Erbil Dubai" and "Bozrah Dubai", decided to increase flights with a number of countries to coincide with the imminent Eid al-Adha ,

He said the company 's director Samer Abdul Karim Kubba , a press statement: that a delegation from the International Civil Aviation Authority (IATA), will visit Baghdad on Wednesday to complete the process of Iraq 's accession to international organizations to fly again.

He stressed that the company will meet the demands of the global civil aviation authority related to safety, are expected to lift the ban on Iraqi Airways over the next two months.

Kubba said the company is working on the rehabilitation of 40 pilots and promoted to the rank of a qualified pilot, bringing the number of pilots and assistants to more than 200, pointing to the existence of a development plan that includes the graduation of a new generation of flight attendants and increase the number of flights.

The Minister of Transport Kazem Cup was revealed Sunday during a ceremony to rehabilitate 40 Iraqi pilots and promoted from the rank of co - pilot to a qualified pilot at the Baghdad airport, a plan to transform the Iraqi Airways to establish a holding company and another company have a counterpart.

In addition, director of the company announced a special permit for "morning" to end the logistical agreements written for the opening of (Erbil Dubai) and (Basra Dubai) over the next few days, explaining that this is part of a plan to expand the network of airlines and increase the movement of commercial activity and tourism between the
 two countries .

He added 'The trips will be by a weekly flight, especially as the ticket prices which will take into account the economic situation of citizens, supply and demand, to ensure full aircraft passenger seats, recalling that the company opened during the last term lines with European countries, contributed to the improvement in the reality of air transport and re - opening to the countries of the world new, what made the ministry is keen to re - green bird fly over the global atmosphere through a commitment to air safety standards.

With the approach of Eid al - Fitr, Kubba, he said that his company decided to increase flights with three flights per day to Beirut, Istanbul, Baku and Minsk and Cairo.


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