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LoneStarCowboy:  ~~Hello  International~~ Welcome to the global stage~~

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Don961:  Interior announces to obtain international rating for the first time (document)

20/06/2017 11:51:16   BAGHDAD / obelisk:

The Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday, gaining international classification of international standards for the control of the Organization of the United Nations Security Council arms, pointing out that it gets a brilliant achievement for the first time at the national, regional and global level.

The ministry said in a statement, said that "the ministry obtained through its representative Colonel Mansour Ali Sultan on the international classification of international standards for the control of the Organization on the arms to the Committee for Disarmament Affairs, theUN Security Council," adding that "the ministry according to international experts came serially 14".
She added that "the completion of wow for the first gets the first time at the national, regional and global level is added to the nomination of the Republic of Iraq for the presidency of the International Committee for the issues of arms session 72 for 2017," indicating that "it shows the commitment of the Republic of Iraq best international standards in building its institutions and enhance international prestige."

It is noteworthy that Iraq has recently received several prestigious categories and positions at the international level, reinforcing its position among the nations of the world.
Source: Follow-up to the obelisk

TY1:  DOES THIS MEAN THEY ARE INTERNATIONAL?  The tender is scheduled for tomorrow...The sun will come out tomorrow...its only a day a way!

Vipor:  I don't speak Iraqi-ese...   but, sure looks to me like they are listing their oil for sale on another country's market. Notice, it says they have already made a sale (2M barrels) delivered in June.   Hmmm..   smells like international to me.    Anyone else speak Iraqi-ese?


Don961:  Iraq raises the first tender for the sale of Basra crude in the Dubai Mercantile Exchange
20/06/2017 15:09:55    BAGHDAD / obelisk

Trade sources confirmed on Tuesday that Iraq plans to sell four million barrels of crude Basra loaded in the tender in August DME next Wednesday, including the first sale of heavy crude Basra through the stock exchange.

One source said that "the size of each shipment of Basra light crude and heavy two million barrels will be loading during the period between 26 and 28 August."

The Dubai Mercantile Exchange has announced (April 30, 2017), that the government of the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) has sold two million barrels of Basra Light crude, delivered June 2017 through the stock exchange auctions platform.

The DME since it opened in 2007, is considered one of the specialized stock exchanges around the world, and became held by the president, a forward contract for crude Oman's third standard price of crude oil in the world, the only criterion for crude oil, which is exported from Oman and Dubai.
Source: Reuters - Follow-up to the disposal of the obelisk


JJonesMX:  Cbi...News & Announcements

Declaration /  regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( the agenda of the Ministry of Construction and Housing ) 06/20/2017

Declaration /  regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( Dhi Qar province Table )06/20/2017



Samson:  Customs announces rise in revenues for the month of April to 123 billion dinars
Tuesday June 20, 2017 14:16

Announced the General Administration of Customs of the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday, rising fiscal revenues for the month of last April to more than 123 billion dinars.

The authority said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that " the total body for the month of April revenues in 2017 rose by 123 billion and 888 million dinars, compared with the same month of last year 2016 , which amounted to revenue by 50 billion and 628 million dinars

The agency said that " the total increase in revenue for this month at 72 billion and 259 million dinars."

The Directorate of border crossing points at the Ministry of Interior announced, in (1 December 2016), that the value of financial revenues within ten months of this year amounted to more than 161 billion dinars, in addition to more than $ 22 million   LINK

AnimatedRock:  UPDATED TO JUNE 20 @ 8:15 AM CST


CBI – Declaration /  regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( Dhi Qar province Table )
CBI - Declaration /  regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( the agenda of the Ministry of Construction and Housing )
NEWS - Saudi Arabia holds a dinner in honor of Abadi – POST 29 – WayMakers_Kid – (6-19)
NEWS - Council of Nineveh announces security plan for intelligence after the liberation of Mosul – POST 36 – Samson (6-19)
NEWS - A planned visit by Prime Minister Abadi Qatar after Eid – POST 39 – Samson – (6-19)
NEWS - King Abdul Aziz Ebadi: Our hearts are open all the doors are wide open for cooperation with Iraq – POST 46 – Samson – (6-19)
CBI - Internet Shut Down – 7-8am
SHOULD be the day that Abadi returns from Kuwait
Internet Shut Down  7-8am

JUNE 22 – Thur
Cancelled Day on CBI SS
An “Announcement” to be made -
Last day Internet shut down 7-8am
Internet uninterrupted
EID Al-Fitr Begins (on calendar)
Internet uninterrupted
Internet Uninterrupted
NEWS - Last day for ESCROW funds to be released - ut
Internet is uninterrupted

So as I am thinking, I go back to some things I have been mulling over for a couple days now, and some answers in Q&A and TC that have been puzzling me, as they didn’t fit into my timeline how I was perceiving it.

The main idea that I began at was “they did something that benefited them

So I began thinking, “what could they do that would benefit them, without benefitting us as well?”

So as my mind wandered, I began to think of all of the dates that have been adding up recently.

22nd is the last day that the internet is out from 7-8am. There is another event that happens this day as well, if you have researched.

There is the 25th, and all that corresponds to it that we learned on the TC. The 25th is also the day that the ISX begins to be closed. There is another event that happens this day as well, if you have researched.

(until I get the OK to post any of that info, you’ll have to either remember or go look it up. Frank, if it’s ok to put it here, please let me know)

So I am thinking to myself. If I was Iraq, and my currency was about to be worth more, I might want a week to let things balance out after my currency hits the world. It would be kind of a “hammer” effect on the stock exchange the first week. (for those of you who don’t know how water hammer affects pipes, here’s a fun article that might connect the idea in your mind) It would also give the exchange time to reset all their pricing.

If I am about to revalue my currency, I might also want a week that I don’t have to do auctions of any sort, to let my citizens bring in their now worthless dollars (as Frank eluded to, they are “dead in their hands” after the RV) and get their lower denoms. Which would be submitted into the books and deposited either on the same day or very close to the same day as the RV. Because you NEED lower denoms ready to go to RV, and you need to RV to HAVE the lower denoms, because otherwise they are worthless to your bank.

So if I wanted to buy an extra week in June, maybe I’d need to buy some extra auctions. Maybe a week or more’s worth of auctions . . . as to clear up that final “holiday week” that they’ve been broadcasting for forever.

So I’m Abadi, and I have everything finalized. I feel it’s okay now to travel to talk to my neighbors. I need structure, to REALLY fill them in on what’s about to happen. Since Saudi’s are working partners with my new buddies the US, I figure I should go there first. And while I’m there, in Mecha, the holy city, I pray and thank God for the liberation.

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