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Don961:  They must be talking about Iraq's currency at these IMF meetings ... (wink)

Aggiedad77:  Who would have thought they would do such a thing.....talk on folks....hash out your details....for the end results await you....and us    Aloha   Randy

International institutions and experts express their support for the mechanisms of central bank buying and selling currency

Friday June 2, 2017 13:09   Alsumaria News / Baghdad

crossed several points in international institutions and economists Iraqis expressed their interest and support as approved by the Central Bank of Iraq from the controls for the sale and purchase of foreign currency mechanisms.
​Those authorities considered that the recent instructions of the Central Bank have involved passing standards for personal judgment was built on the basis of scientific excellence among banks according to their performance and commitment to the basics of compliance and in the forefront of the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism and to provide liquidity and contribute to the development.

They expected those entities that contribute to compliance with controls placed in raising the level of performance of banks as they beat competitiveness among banks in compliance with the concepts and upgrading its controls levels.

A large delegation from the Central Bank of Iraq and other Iraqi institutions involved in meetings with experts of the International Monetary Fund to prepare a review of the credit agreement and that the bank is making progress in meeting the requirements of the Convention, including the drafting of an ideal instructions to sell the dollar.



MilitiaMan:  Looks like Abadi has been successful in his design to bring people into the battle of Mosul by being inclusive. Giving credit where do to the successes and some failures. In the end though, it has been a success so it seems. Interestingly enough it looks like the Popular Crowd needed some help from the USA.. As, they were not successful in driving Daesh out of Mosul, but helped in the chase to the Syrian border once the USA had her way. That is what it appears like to me anyway. ~ MM

Walkingstick:  Clean war" in this difficult time .. But Ebadi won"

19:07:50 01/06/2017

:BAGHDAD / obelisk With the approach of the final nail on Daesh in Mosul, the great joy that flooded the souls must not forget the Iraqis, suffering, and the details of the battle field, political and fought national, .leadership and fighters in order to realize the desired results The field sacrifices, they are still visible, and reflected in the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives .for the homeland, and the fighters who are still in the front berms The political battle, Valaa absent from sight, because of the contention of events, and the sounds of .the field, and the horns of wage earners

The battle in Mosul were not trivial, nor easy, having turned into a "international resolution" tried to .grab the Iraqi will, and make the date of liberation is subject to international balances In this Emma Abadi, he succeeded in making the success of "liberation" and a national decision purely, without losing the participation of the coalition force, with regard to the air force and .experience in battle Abadi also managed to keep Turkey from influencing the battle of Mosul, while imposing on .everyone to use Iran's experience in the battle Moreover, the Abadi involved factions of the popular crowd in the battle according to the plans make them far from charges of sectarian war and exposure Alyalmdnyin, although aware that it is far from the suspicions openly by enemies, which led to full­time crowd forces to hunt Daesh in the desert until they reached the Iraqi border Syrian, a feat that has failed until the time of US forces .presence in Iraq ..truth be told The Abadi led the complex details of the regional Ptdakhladtha battle, and the differentiation of the players, but he went to serve Iraq only, and restore the confidence of the Iraqi army, and benefit .from the factions of the popular crowd away from attempts to distortion and camouflage

Difficult in today's world Almottagatel Palmzhabiyat nationalities and mutual revenge, management of war "clean", but Abadi did, and succeeded in defeating Bdaash first, choir Noakir sedition inside a second, as well as stripping foreign horns, which accuses N. government popular and the crowd of .."marginalizing and exclusion " Sunnis




No he won't be doing that. He'll be packing, more than likely. To where though.. Sanctions might be coming to M's house real quick.. lol ~ MM

Frank26:  What did Your WEDNESDAY CC say ?.......... "M !!! Don't u dare think about running for PM !!! "............ (wink)


Don961:  Rasheed Bank announces raise the salaries of retirees

1 hour ago economy 1148 Visit

Rasheed Bank, announced Friday, for raising the salaries of retirees through its branches and outlets the smart card.

The bank said in a brief statement that he "began to pay the salaries of retired civilians in 2017 for a meal in May, after raising their salaries through its branches and outlets the smart card."

He added, "This includes smart card holders to Card and retirees manual exchange."



Rasheed: Raising the salaries of retirees through its branches and outlets card

02/06/2017 11:01:37

BAGHDAD / obelisk:



Don961:  Direct payment of the salaries of retired civilians for the month of June

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} embarked on the board of the national retirement, to pay the salaries of retired civilians for the month of June this.

According to a statement of the board, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, it will start to "pay civilian salaries of retirees for a meal in June 2017," explaining that "can retired holders of the smart card to card for Rasheed Bank review of exchange centers to receive their salaries, and can retirees manual exchange review of banks next Monday, ".anthy


MilitiaMan:  I wonder if the June Card On Monday will have a surprise? As in far more purchase power.. I wouldn't be surprised one bit! ~ MM

Aggiedad77:  Here's one of those odd things you read and say there is something different about this....what is it.....when was the last time you actually saw an article where the Iraqi's were talking of paying anyone into the future.....usually it is all about payments made in arrears....two and three months or more ago...playing catch up.....but here we have a different story....hmmmm......patterns broken.....June an explosive month....oh yeah heard that earlier this week.  Aloha   Randy

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