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Frank26:  From Months to weeks ....... Then to Days ........... Now within HOURS.

IMO ........... By Your next CC ........... Minutes to Seconds.

Iobey777:  Let's get ready to CELEBRATE!!

Jdufal1:  This might need to be expounded upon before imaginations go wild. 
I will assume Mosul liberation and not the other.

pointing out that« the visit to Saudi Arabia will include a talk about the issue of the appointment of Saudi ambassador to Iraq and take advantage of the case of the great desire of Saudi Arabia to restore relations with Iraq »He continued« will also include a visit to discus mechanisms for the elimination of terrorism and assistance that could be provided by the Kingdom for the reconstruction of the liberated areas through the support and backing projects, there is also a desire to Saudi Arabia to invest in the desert of Iraq health Hraoah project oil pipeline from Iraq to Saudi Arabia »,

pointing out that« Abadi will be accompanied by Iraqi investors group ».ocd Jafar« the focus of the visit to Kuwait will include a discussion of Kuwaiti debt postponed on Iraq, there is also a donor conference was supposed to be held in Kuwait, but was delayed because of the fluctuation the decline in oil prices, thus Valebadi will have an alternative that a proposed program that donor countries support Iraq to invest in sectors and service projects within the strategy of the country , such as water, electricity, roads and petrochemicals instead of providing financial grants, in addition to benefiting from investors in Kuwait Bjelbhm to Aama Liberated areas in exchange for profits pouring the interests of Iraq. »

Jafar said that « the visit to Iran would represent a message that his visit to Saudi Arabia does not mean that he Sieda Iran, because our relationship with strategic and can not be waived», adding that «Iraq will not be a springboard for hostile action against any country.»

And that « the visit as a whole may annoy some people but overall will be channeled to the interests of Iraq and if giving way to Iraq may be calm for the return of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia factor as well as between Saudi Arabia and Qatar», adding that «these problems as a whole threatens the interests of Iraq» .ocd Abadi , during a meeting with a number of media politicians and analysts on Saturday, said his visit to the neighboring countries «pre - agreed», pointing out «we aim to achieve new relationships with neighbors is not based on conflicts, but on the understandings, and cooperate seriously against terrorism».



Chris05:  Wow, Is it just me, or does this article confirm the content has a Post-Daesh and Post-RV tone, combined with a Victory/Celebration lap, rolled into it?

IMO, this is telling us something very good is happening, literally before our eyes.

Cheers    Chris

Don961:  Abadi: open a new era victories for a strong and stable Iraq

6/19/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said that the victory of the Iraqis and liberate their land opens up a new era strong and stable Iraq and sophisticated, while stressing that Iraq refuses to be drawn into the policy of axes our universe we have built an independent decision to give priority to the higher interests of Iraq, as confirmed Abadi , the government rejected the Iraqi land use any aggression against neighboring countries or any other country.

And his upcoming visit in the region between the prime minister that it will include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran, and said that this visit prepared some time ago and is not related at all the Gulf crisis, noting that «will visit other countries after Eid al - Fitr holiday» without being determined.

This came during a meeting of the Abadi elite media and political analysts on Saturday evening , the first, as it responded to the latest political and field developments and the future of relations with neighboring countries.

In a statement to the media for his office received «morning», al - Abadi, said that « the decision of Iraq's political independent, and we are investigating the interests of our people above all, and our foreign relations based on giving priority to the higher interests of Iraq and its people and stay away from convulsions and axes and make friends instead of increasing enemies», calling for « focus on development and the fight against corruption and not to allow the return of terrorism in the next stage.

The Abadi said that «our decision fixed not to allow our territory for aggression against any neighboring country, and that Iraq must be a convergence zone and no area of conflict and the intersection of hostility», adding: «, and do not want to turn our land into the field of wars on behalf», and pointed out that «we have a large and broad in accordance with the reconstruction of Iraq cities all spread security throughout the country » and on his visit to the neighboring countries, Abadi said it would include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran, pointing out that« foreign tour lasts for three days ending on Tuesday, and explained that «the visit prepared some time ago and not related to the Gulf crisis at all. »

He noted that «will visit other countries after Eid al - Fitr holiday» without being determined, stressing that « the visit to the countries of the region agreed upon in advance, and we aim to achieve new relationships with neighbors is not based on conflicts, but on the understandings, and cooperate seriously against terrorism», and called on the President of the Ministers of all politicians to stop the language of «political miscarriage» they not serve only the enemy, and distort the reputation of their country in front of Alm.oathm prime minister - views unnamed - trying to make Iraq an arena international battle, pointing out that « the conflict in the region is not like Iraq , and will not interfere in it », stressing:« We will not allow Iraq to make a battlefield between Iran and America or encouraged Its land for aggression against any country. » 

And on the liberalization of Tall Afar , west of Mosul, near Abadi revealed the move to edit it , and said that « the liberation of Tal Afar 's decision was issued about four months ago , and we will act soon.»

On the declaration of the Kurdistan region to determine the 25 of next September as the date for a referendum for independence from Iraq , al - Abadi described the procedure for {illegal and that the federal government will not be supported or funded by or participate in it. »

With regard to the donor conference for Iraq, which was scheduled to file his stay in Kuwait, al - Abadi said that the drop in oil prices in recent months has caused postponement of the conference schedule supposed to last August. 


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