Friday, June 23, 2017


Lobster;  CBI site I just looked At says 1.2 and has a calculator. I plugged in a number 
of dinar and it gave me amount in USD $$$$$$$    http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/

Willy1971:  1184 then drop 3 zeros which equals 1.184 then round up which equals 1.2 ??? Is this what they are testing???

Fenway:  I did a WHOIS on the domain of that 'mystery' site: 3eyon-host.net.
The registrant of that domain is Suhaib Al-Fahdawi, an individual whose listed organization is 3eyon-host.com (not .net but .com), and the registration address is Baghdad.
I pulled up that company site - 3eyon-host.com - and it's a simple page in Arabic, with no apparent English translation option. The fact 'host' is part of that domain name implies they are a service company in the business of hosting websites - in this case, a temporary hosting deal.
My guess is that 3eyon-host.net is a 'rental' domain being temporarily used by CGI for testing purposes before they fully deploy each page of their cbi.iq site. The 'cbi' on the front of that 3eyon domain name is the CBI's subdomain, reserved for their testing use as they deploy each page to their new site

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