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KTFA: Spreadsheets,Dates,Rates, 30 & 90 Days,& 000’S , 16 JUNE

Peggy69:  Spreadsheets,Dates,Rates, 30 & 90 Days,& 000’S  
After I listened to Franks Amazing CC last night and after listening very carefully I went back to my research, until 4 am this morning. Those 000’s kept knocking inside my brain saying, “Let Me Out”!  
Just sometimes when you have extra information you didn’t have before, I thought just maybe there is something I didn’t see before?? So, I went back reviewed all of those things listed below and thought maybe CBI left something here I can find to help me see where they are at or what I might find has been done like those 000’s screaming at me! Anything to support the dates I chose because my Spirt was on Fire when I chose them.
I’m Not Changing those dates, something, just something, major is occurring or possibly starting on those dates. Only time can tell.

I went on a search to find out how to Help these 000’s escape! I reprinted the last daily spreadsheet with rates on them that could possibly match up to the March 16th date when the program rate was removed from another spread sheet.

This time I put one sheet for each and every day, since, in order from June 14th backwards. I work wonders doing everything backwards I’m telling you!

I looked for any possible patterns as reading Arabic Backwards does not work for me, so I looked for any patterns with 000’s. As I had previously noticed something about the Wednesdays and the $2 rate changes occurring possibly when something significant could be happening!

Starting from March 17th and a week later nothing all unreadable spreadsheets I had no understanding of what so ever, I felt like a kid in a find this object book! 4 Months of daily CBI spreadsheets, I thought wait there must have been something that was happening in March to remove the program rate so there must also be something with a $2 rate between March 16th & March 31st.

Well right in the middle of the top of the page was a BIG FAT 0 on a Wednesday and on Thursday there was a rate of $2.65, exactly 77 days from June 14th. .

As I looked at all 68 pages before, each page had absolutely No 0’s at the top of the sheets. Well this made me crazy, is there really a possibility of finding another clue? I thought Frankie, Frankie, Frankie, hmmm what are you not telling us???? 

Well I thought Frank Said they deleted another 0 June 12th maybe I could find something at the beginning of June with another $2 rate. Well, well, well, let me tell you. I thought I was seeing things on Friday there was another $2 rate, but then I thought they don’t work on Fridays so let me see if I see any changes in the 000’s on the Sunday following.

Hmmm Do you know what I found on June 11th right in the middle top of that spreadsheet was 3 Big Fat (000’s). 

So my analysis no matter how absurd it may sound is this. I feel CBI removed their first 0 on March 29th and they removed the other 2 (00’s) June 11th. In my opinion, all three 000’s have been removed and with all my heart and soul that’s burning especially after I let those 3 (000’s ) escape that we are waiting for the next great event to come very soon.

By the way Wednesday June 14th had a rate in the $2 range. IMO So what’s your thoughts?? Love you Xoxo  Peggy68


Review if needed

Peggy68:   Our View From where We've Climbed 
Sharing is Caring as we tell Children

So , I will share what I shared last night with some KTFA family members, without trying to over step my boundaries.

I've read & listened to Frank, Delta and KTFA Family members in detail and what others have shared about everything involving our investment. Combined with my own reading and research put together has brought me to where I am or to where I'm standing after climbing the mountain I chose to climb.

Animated Rock has such a gift for reviewing in detail to where we are but I would like to add some more to where I feel we are as I reach out MY hand to help you reach the top of the mountain I’m currently standing on, as Frank said we ALL go together.

This is all in my opinion and Frank may choose to remove this. It is additional information supporting the timeline of the Monetary Reform, based on my personal and additional information gathered together from others.

It all began when I took it upon myself as a personal challenge to see if I could locate within the CBI website the $5.20 International rate that was mentioned at our CC during the last week of April. The CBI had mistakenly placed up a rate then removed it. As I do not speak or read Arabic I thought I would never get anywhere.

After months of research and listening to the studies I'm about to share what I found and I will leave it up to you to draw your own opinion from it

Yearly Spreadsheets

I came across many spread sheets my first focus was to locate one with a possible International rate. Then if I thought I had found what I was looking for my next thought would then be to locate the $ 5.20 as a confirmation that I was going in the right direction.
I located many spreadsheets dated back for years, then I located a spreadsheet dated April 6,2015 to June 1st 2017. On this spreadsheet I discovered many changes from the prior year’s spreadsheets :

-Program rates of 1184 to 1251 last date of March 15th dated 

- Then the Program rate was removed and left blank as of March 16th, 2017 and to this day is empty and this has been empty for exactly 90 days to the date as of  ( June 13th marks 90 Days Since)

-Auctions would begin to Double on May 29th,2017                                                                                

-  --  This particular spreadsheet also seemed to represent to dollar amount in the bank

    Daily Spreadsheets
Hmm , I thought to myself where would a possible international rate be, that would not represent a program rate of the past and could possibly represent a more realistic dollar amount that was missing from the yearly spreadsheet?

I was able to locate daily spreadsheets that represented what I thought could represent the following

Daily International Rates Ranging from $ 1.63 to $ 5.52  since March 16th, 2017

- IMF Credit Ratings from A TO D

- Dollars available in the bank

 - I went back and also located the $5.20 that confirmed my possible theory

Auction & Interest Spreadsheets

As I gathered additional spreadsheets one seemed to show an interest rate that represented a more stable economy that had dropped over time. When I had located the spreadsheets from the Auctions it had columns representing the dates of the auction, the date the auctions was issued, including settlement dates and the maturity dates.

The Bid range yields over the decade went form 21% down to 2-5% meaning the more they wanted the more it would cost the bidders, over time dropping need for the U.S. Dollar the interest rate dropped.

Combined Spreadsheets Timelines, Patterns, Noticeable Changes
At this point I was looking and reviewing all of the spread sheets together and I noticed different patterns, in the daily rate sheets I noticed and tested my theory by marking the rates on dates to see how the rates seemed to fluctuate . I found that matching up Iraq's working days on a calendar with the daily rates going backwards, I was able to see there was a pattern. The pattern had shown that on Mondays the rate was always at its highest and Wednesdays at its lowest most. On Wednesday

June 7th, 2017, I noticed the International rate sheet had totally changed and moved different information to different columns. The International rate was a more specific number of $2.20 on June 7th there were no other rates with 0's that I noticed before this Wednesday or any other day. The International Rate for 6/13/2017 is $3.23, $2.26 International Rate for 6/14/2017.

The Auction spreadsheets had specific days that represented when things were done on a consistent basis inside the bank, such as their Maturity Dates were always on Wednesdays and their Settlement dates were always on Thursdays. There are 30 days between each month’s maturity and settlement dates all on the last Wednesday & Thursday of each month.

On June 14th
 & 21st on one specific spreadsheet all transactions were marked CANCELLED for these day.
As I share my research they are all in my opinion and are my own assumptions as I cannot read or speak Arabic. But I will tell you when you challenge yourself to do something it places you in a different place and when you have done your best and feel great about trying your hardest its amazing. Please take this information as you will make your own analysis and assumptions from it. I would like to thank everyone here esp. Pepperdine University,  Frank, Tink, Delta, AG, Aggiedad, Sampson, Don, Tommy, Connie and all of you who complete the KTFA Family.

All My Love Peggy68


Things to think about
MR (Monetary Reform) =CH7= Escrow

1st 0 Lifted May  12nd  , 2nd  0 Lifted  June 12th , 3rd 0 Lifted _?_ 

30 day tranches  the Third 0 will be removed faster IMO

Budget Changes made the 1st week of June        CBI & IMF   CBI & WB   Meetings

Changing Transitional Rate & Process with IMF Agreement  

June 30th Iraq will Announcement of Ch 7 & Escrow

Watch CBI then Watch Brent Oil to Increase will climb drop then cap

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