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Upstart:  MOSUL :  Yet more confirmations.... DONE.

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Sunday:  See if they do piggyback auction again. If they do, it's good... REALLY GOOD.

Monday: Celebrations & budget hearing.  ALL BETS ARE OFF.

Samson:  Trump tells Zimbabwe : Reform or no talks

by Bridget Mananavire      7 June 2017

HARARE – United States President Donald Trump’s administration is ready to
have “meaningful” dialogue with the Zimbabwean government once it is
satisfied there is political and economic transformation, a top official
said yesterday.

“The relationship with the Zimbabwean government is part of the reason why
I am here.

“We are not trying to vet specific individuals from Zimbabwe but we are
looking to the Zimbabwean leadership and then the Zimbabwe government to
make political and economic changes so that we can more robustly engage
the country,” said United States’ Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for
African Affairs, Carol Thompson O’Connell.

She said this after completing the tour of New Start Centre which was
funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (Pepfar) – an
HIV benefit programme that supports government’s efforts to mitigate the
effects of HIV/Aids pandemic.

O’Connell is the first top Trump administration’s official to visit
Zimbabwe since he was elected into office last year.

Pepfar is pledging almost $150 million next year that will be used to test
2,5 million people and support treatment for over 200 000 people as well
as cover Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Determined, Resilient,
Empowered, Aids-free, Mentored, and Safe (Dreams)  programme.
Later, O’Connell met Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa who said
government was committed to implement reforms.

“We discussed the re-engagement issue, we discussed the sanctions issue,
we discussed American assistance in the health and educational sector, we
gave them and briefed them on our economic agenda and the progress that we
are making on that front,” Chinamasa told journalists after the meeting.



Samson:  Iraqi Stock Exchange announces the rise in listed stocks to 10.8 trillion shares
 10/06/2017 - 13:47

Announced the stock exchange Iraqi, Saturday, the high number of shares listed in the stock to   10 . 8 trillion shares, indicating that the stock traded in the sessions of the week last 4 billion shares .
Said Director of the executive market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam   in a statement journalist received " Economy News , " a copy of it, the " market of Iraq for securities and financial systems during the week ending five sessions of trading in the market regulars and session trading one in the market second " , noting that " during the sessions of the week last traded shares (57) company in the market regulars and the company and one in the market second to a number of companies suspended from trading for lack of commitment to provide disclosure of the annual and quarterly Authority and the market (13) company . "

And between Abdul Salam that " the number of shares listed on the market reached (10.824) trillion shares after the end of the procedures for registration and deposit of shares of the company bank clutch Islamic in the market with a capital of 100 billion dinars ."

He stressed that " the number of shares traded for the week last reached 4 billion shares compared to 3 billion shares for the week , which accepted up by 4.39% , while total value of shares tradedfor the week last (3) billion dinars , compared to 2 billion dinars for the week , which before highis the other by  13 ".04.

He said Abdul Salam said , " deals , which struck a week last reached (2474) deal compared to(2269) deal for the week that before raising the index of the market during the week last ISX 60by (1.61%) from the closing of the week that before when it closed at (592.33) points, and the risewhere the value of market capitalization of the companies listed for the week last by (2.06%) for the value of the market for the week , which before , amounting to 9.809 trillion dinars . "

He pointed to that " the number of shares purchased from investors , non - Iraqi week last reached (485) million shares higher by 0.6% compared to the week that before, either the value of purchase amounted to 528 million dinars from through the implementation of (181) transactions on the shares (19) Company low value of the total has increased by 12% " , explaining that " the number of shares sold by investors , non - Iraqi week last amounted to 1 billion shares higher by 39% compared to the week that before, while the total value of sold 809 million dinars from through the implementation of (170 ) deal on the shares (5) companies are high rate (19%)compared to the week that before


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