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Frank26:  Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, June 7, 2017

We give all honor to our Heavenly Father, and give thanks to our Teams for providing the information which we studied last Monday.

On Monday, we gave you 11 POINTS – and if you look at AggieDad’s notes, we ended up with like 25 points.
We talked to you about Abadi, Gi Joe, National Reconciliation, Security & Stability, Escrow and the UNSC, the new Finance Minister, the Int’l status of the IQD that is drying up outside of Iraq, and the meeting that occurred with the IMF.

What I’d like to share tonight picks up from those items on Monday.

On Monday night, Delta made a post … it made me smile, because everything we post is quickly snatched away from KTFA and posted on other sites.  We know where our material is taken … it’s tagged … so that we can make important decisions.

Most people just walked on by what Delta posted – so I’d like to talk to you about it … because it was extremely powerful.

They finally said something about the IMF meeting.

IMF … the IMF and the CBI once agreed upon something.

“Once agreed, prior actions implemented …”

Oh my!  (Analyze those words separately!)

A 2nd review of the SBA in August >>> WOW!!!  That’s impressive.

This meeting was … IMO … not about the rate of the IQD.  It was a report of the monetary reform to the IMF.

The IMF is very proud of what Iraq has accomplished.

The IMF tells every country what to do with their currency.

They’ve now reached an agreement -- MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

The IMF appears to be happy … because this memorandum that was signed … the IMF no longer needs to tell Iraq what to do.  Two of the three agreed to items were taken care of in December of last year.

Iraq is ready to join the INTERNATIONAL theatre.

The last item (#3) was the POLICY of currency (international level).

The IMF wants to continue to help/support Iraq to be successful – so they don’t make any mistakes.

840 Million Dollars’ worth is coming their (Iraq’s) way.  That’s quite an incentive, isn’t it.


The IMF doesn’t need to bully Iraq anymore.

No more “demanding” things of Iraq anymore – OH SNAP!!!!

They don’t need to DEMAND … because things are done for the economic and financial reforms.

These 3 levels …

Economic Reforms
Financial Reforms
Multi-Currency Policy

I told you … once you have Mosul … (we’ve already got Mosul) … you would start to see things happen at the speed of light … and now you are!

From the 2nd to the 9th – we said that some BIG information would be coming out.

THIS IS IT … and it’s only the 7th!!!!!!

Yes!  They are talking about their EXCHANGE RATE!!!!!

On Wednesday … they didn’t talk about their RATE … they talked about their EXCHANGE RATE … the EXCHANGE RATE POLICY!!!!  There is quite a difference. (big smile)

The IMF and CBI memorandum is now being made public.

How can the IMF and the CBI walk together on both of these reforms unless they are in agreement?

Does Iraq need an LOI?  That was last year.  They needed a MOU … this is a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING!!!

We are past the level of submission – (demanding) … we are now at a level of AGREEMENT.

Free float?  No they are not!  They will have a Managed Float.

High rate?  No they are not!  This was the talk of the town last year.  Now they are talking like $1.20.

An agreement is a currency for the partnership.  THAT IS POWERFUL!

Now we have equality between the CBI and the IMF in both of these reforms.

The IMF is telling the world … once the reforms are implemented … they have some money (prior to the agreement) … that Iraq will get … WHEN they raise the value of their currency.

That will trigger everything.

The IMF is assisting the CBI with these 3 categories.

The FOREIGN EXCHANGE … do you know what that is?  It’s the IQD exchange rate vs. the foreign exchange policy.  They can’t say RV … they must use other words … and I hope you understand me.
This agreement now requires movement.

We’re still in the heart of our study time-frame of the 2nd to the 9th family.

IMO … some very important DELEGATES will be in Baghdad on the 12th of June.

WS made a POST to me … said “MB soaring”

MB is MOBILE BANKING – which is part of the monetary reform.

According to WalkingStick … it is exploding and doing its job.

Mobile Banking was implemented as part of the plan from 7-8 years ago.  The reason for the Mobile Banking was for Iraq to eventually become a CASHLESS SOCIETY.  This is educating the citizens of the monetary reform.  This is why mobile phones have been given by the thousands to the youth of Iraq.

The GOI is soon to tell the citizens that they will no longer be able to use any foreign currency whatsoever!

In my STRONG OPINION … the 3rd item (Foreign Exchange Policy) has been completed.

The IMF continues to tell the CBI … BRAVO!  BRAVO!  BRAVO!

The “Piggybacking” continues again … yesterday on Tuesday they did Tuesday and Wednesday’s auction.  Why did they do Tuesday TWICE?

I’ll say it again …

On Monday, they did Monday and Tuesday’s auctions.

On Tuesday, they did Tuesday and Wednesday’s auctions.


Why the piggybacking or deception … (double-dipping) of accounting?

Didn’t they say that the auctions would slow down?

We’ve been really, really thinking about this.

Yes … I brought up the concept of “dual books” on Monday.

IOO – what we are seeing with the auctions is impressive with the IMF because it was agreed upon.

The CBI … IOO … is trying to get all of the auctions in by June 30th to END ALL AUCTIONS!!!

The one thing we are waiting for is for them to LIFT the 3 ZEROS – which lifts the exchange rate qualifications (Chapter 8).

The agreement, phase, step … has been done.

The meeting also said that the RESERVES were much higher than the IMF predicted.

You’ve done great Iraq … we just have this one little thing left … how are you going to treat your FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE?

If they get it done by the 30th of June … they will get 840 Million released.

Why are they going to wait until August to give them this money?  Because they ARE IN THE PROCESS of IMPLEMENTING the reforms right now!

For those who think we’re delaying this … whatever … let them eat cake.

If you saw the date “August” – it went right over your head, didn’t it?

Are the auctions like squirrels piling up nuts for winter.

The escrow should end by June … and that money will be coming back to Iraq.

ARTICLE:  “Mosul … full editing … end of military operations … 2 days.”

The IMF & CBI … the MOU … it’s crystal-clear.

I’ll admit the monetary reform is taking a long-time, but it is coming!

Delta says that on Iraqi TV … it’s all over the screen … the CBI and IMF meeting and what’s in it for the citizens.

Let’s see … 7th, 8th, 9th of June – only 3 more days … (now 2).

Doesn’t Abadi want to celebrate on the 10th?

As the days go by … we’ll learn more and more and more.  Nowhere else to hide this.
Don’t see any more talk of postponement … do you?

No one is talking about 2018.

They keep talking about the same thing – because there is nothing else to talk about.

When they raise the 3 zeros … the MOU is to keep the momentum going.  It’s a marriage now.  The IMF doesn’t want Iraq to make any mistakes BEFORE or AFTER.

Article 8 is FRAGILE for them.

Investors need to know that funds are fully secure inside of Iraq’s borders.

CBI … where are you in the process of lifting the 3 zeros?

Family … IMO … the citizens know more than we do.

IMO … the economists know more than you and I do.

The FULL editing of Mosul … that is supposed to end in 2 days is basically the scattered fields that we talked to you about.

ARTICLE said that Maliki was in jail.  I do NOT believe that Maliki is in jail, nor the media trying to give him attention.

Maliki won the election a few years ago for Prime Minister – but we (USA) took it away from him.  We said no … and it was given to Abadi.

IMO – Maliki was given immunity by having the Prime Minister position taken away from him.
Frank26:  As far as Iran … who was supposedly attacked by ISIS … well … it was eventually going to happen. Suicide bombers broke into Iran’s government buildings.  Is ISIS testing the waters with Iran?  They cannot go to multiple countries in the Middle East.  ISIS is not welcome anywhere anymore.

As you know, they now have fiber optics in Iraq now – this means greater security/stability within their computer networks.

So … why is Iraq shutting down their internet for an hour every day?

Humm … if I knew why they were piggybacking their auctions … that might give insight to why they were shutting down the internet too.

DON961 posted an article … post #11 in today’s thread.
It is amazing! … Preparations UNANNOUNCED … LOL!!!

The only reason you’re going to announce that is because Mosul is liberated – just like the only reason you’re going to offer someone a glass of water is because you know there's water in the glass.

Well of course they’re going to talk about Mosul (on the 9th) – and control the information until the 10th.  Thank you for finally letting it go!
Yes … it will be a WEEK of GREAT VICTORY.

As this article goes on you can see it’s almost like a self-confession about Mosul.

This article will prepare you for a CELEBRATION in Mosul.

Also … another POST #292 (yesterday’s thread) was made by AnimatedRock … it’s almost like a schedule from May 31st until about June 30th.

I’m impressed with your break-down … I’m going to save this … and we’ll refer back to it on Monday.
AnimatedRock's Post in ORANGE >>>

MAY 31 - WED
CBI - 2nd day of piggy backing the Auctions - Sells for Wed and Thur

CBI - Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( Ministry of Science schedules and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education and the Christian endowment and other religions )

CBI -Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( tables of the Martyrs Foundation and the province of Muthanna , the General Authority for meteorological and seismic monitoring )

Meeting with IMF

CBI - Auctions for Thur and Sun



CBI - Auctions for Sun and Mon

CBI - Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( Ministry of Water Resources table and several ministries schedule ( Paralympic Committee , Migration and Displacement , the Ministry of Planning , Scientific Academy , the Securities Commission )
CBI - Gold bullion , which will be on sale under which prices Tuesday , corresponding to 2017/6/6

CBI - Auctions for Mon and Tue

The Launch of Mobile Banking Begins

The Iraqi authorities and the IMF mission have reached agreement on a supplementary budget for 2017 - http://www.imf.org/en/News/Art.....-123-35364

CBI - Auctions for Tue and Wed

CBI - To / licensed banks all companies and all money transfer companies to broker the sale and purchase of foreign currency all ( forged documents )

CBI - Black lists of international financial institutions at the Central Bank of Iraq / copy updated

Internet begins to be shut down from 7-8am

The selling of gold bullion starts for Iraqui Citizens

WS - Reports : M/B Soaring

DELTA - Reports : Iraq signed with a memorandum of understanding from the International Monetary Fund aimed at monitoring the financial and economic policy " X " aims to help Iraq in the reform of foreign exchange policy ".

CBI - Auctions for Wed and Thur - With nothing posted to SS

CBI - To / banks (Rafidain / Rasheed / Iraqi Trade Bank) ( the instructions of the General Treasury bills / dues contractors )

CBI - Declaration / regarding contractors to start regardless of entitlements received from the Ministry of Finance ( the Ministry of Electricity tables and Wasit province , and the province of Diwaniyah )

Internet is shut down from 7-8am

Abadi is urging the Baghdad government to speed up implimentation of the budget -http://aliraqnews.com/?p=185260

News - Jordan is demanding 1 billion in debts from Iraq

Internet is shut down from 7-8am

Internet is shut down from 7-8 am

JUNE 10 - SAT (holy day)
Internet is shutdown from 7-8am
The day Abadi Has announced for Liberation Announcement

Internet is shut down from 7-8 am

Internet is shut down from 7-8 am
The budget appeal comes under review

CBI - Open
Last day that internet is shut down from 7-8am
Just posted the final date because IMO this is the back wall

Internet is uninterrupted

Okay, so looking at this short snippet of time here. I just took from the CBI and a few events from the last few days, (if anyone wants this doc to update and re-post to fill in more blanks, or extend it, be my guest, PM me and I will email it to you)

So lets look at a few things, IF things are on a roll, and IF "A" is where he wants to be. This is where my mind goes . . .

So we see that things start to escalate quickly this week. I have only input news from the last two days in detail. It is interesting to me all of those documents by the CBI stating for contractors to start work regardless of what the Ministry of Finance is doing, hmmmmm. It's like they know something is coming. The budget perhaps??

So I think (if I remember right) it was about a week ago that the budget was talked about, and the can was kicked down the road. A week. So either the judge needed a week to re-write things to get this budget back under control, or Abadi put his size 9 in the judge's rear to get things moving faster in removing the corruption from it.

So let's just say that they want the new rate before budget is signed into law, would YOU want that done on Monday if you are Abadi?? Or would you want it done and visible to the populace before the Celebration on the 10th?

So you can say when you step up to the podium . . . "Hey Iraq, we are a sovereign people again. Here's what I have done for you, you now have food to buy, your streets are safe, , the Daesh are gone, and are never coming back! Your borders are secure, you have internet, you have mobile banking, you have money, your money, and it's worth something!!! These corrupt politicians who are stealing from you are gone! Maliki, that snake, he is in jail now!

Those crooked parliament members, they are gone now, or running! This is your Iraq! We are sovereign! Now get out there and party hardy, because this is your day Iraq that I have given to you!

Makes him look really good. To have all those boxes checked on the same day. And he's in this to win this. He cares about his people. And he is meeting all his deadlines. It just seems to me that he announces everything at the same time. And everything is there and ready to go. So if he's not doing it Monday. What other day is there on the timeline? Look at it and tell me what your thoughts are.

Again, this is all IMO, but it looks really cool when you look at it like this in the past few days context. Not saying it's the date of the RV, I am just throwing out a timeline with evidence. And I am probably missing things, but this is what I put together. For people to use. Ciao!
I highly recommend you study these 2 posts!

Let’s see what happens as more information comes in.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

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