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AnimatedRock:  So as I am thinking, I go back to some things I have been mulling over for a couple days now, and some answers in Q&A and TC (Team Chat)  that have been puzzling me, as they didn’t fit into my timeline how I was perceiving it.

The main idea that I began at was “they did something that benefited them

So I began thinking, “what could they do that would benefit them, without benefitting us as well?”

So as my mind wandered, I began to think of all of the dates that have been adding up recently.

22nd is the last day that the internet is out from 7-8am. There is another event that happens this day as well, if you have researched.

There is the 25th, and all that corresponds to it that we learned on the TC. The 25th is also the day that the ISX begins to be closed. There is another event that happens this day as well, if you have researched.

(until I get the OK to post any of that info, you’ll have to either remember or go look it up. Frank, if it’s ok to put it here, please let me know)

So I am thinking to myself. If I was Iraq, and my currency was about to be worth more, I might want a week to let things balance out after my currency hits the world. It would be kind of a “hammer” effect on the stock exchange the first week. It would also give the exchange time to reset all their pricing.

If I am about to revalue my currency, I might also want a week that I don’t have to do auctions of any sort, to let my citizens bring in their now worthless dollars (as Frank eluded to, they are “dead in their hands” after the RV) and get their lower denoms.

Which would be submitted into the books and deposited either on the same day or very close to the same day as the RV. Because you NEED lower denoms ready to go to RV, and you need to RV to HAVE the lower denoms, because otherwise they are worthless to your bank.

So if I wanted to buy an extra week in June, maybe I’d need to buy some extra auctions. Maybe a week or more’s worth of auctions . . . as to clear up that final “holiday week” that they’ve been broadcasting for forever.

So I get everything done that I need to get done for the year BEFORE the 22nd (keep in mind this is the LAST day that the internet is out from 7-8am) The 22nd is a Thur, the last day of their week. EID begins the 24th. The 25th is the first day ISX is closed and the day their banking week begins on a Sunday.

The ISX is closed until the 2nd of July effectively. Because of the weekends. That means they do not re-open until the 2nd half of the fiscal year.

In my eyes, if I wanted to RV, and not have to do 4 days worth of book-keeping at a new rate, I go on holiday. So I can start my books off 2nd half of the year, fresh, and with all new sets of numbers. AND I can also have a week to iron out any bugs, or see what happens internationally with my currency that week, w/o it affecting my stock market.

So, let’s just say that I’m Abadi, and I’m working with the CBI, sometime between Mon & Thur I announce Mosul liberated, IMO, Thur seems like a good day to do it, because it’s the end of the week, and I can do as I promised. I can connect the celebration to EID celebration without ticking off my clerics and running into the holy days.

I can tell the CBI to go ahead and make the announcement to the citizens, “hey! Everything we’ve been educating you guys on, we’re doing it over the weekend. You have the most PP you’ve had in over a decade, and it’ll be ready to go by Sunday morning.”

CBI picks up the phone and calls IMF and says, “hey you, dis me. Yeah, we do it. Yeah, we good. Yup, we can push button. You ready? We ready.”

Meanwhile, over in the USA, we sleep in our beds, and wake up to tons of articles by our best newshounds ever, Samson and don961, that the celebration is going on, Mosul is announced. We wonder, when is the rate coming? Frank said lightning fast.

So Friday, their bank is closed. The IMF has the number, and they know that they are done. The buttons are pushed, the timer is set. Saturday night at midnight, it will automatically publish to the world.

Saturday comes and goes, we see all the celebrations with bated breath.

Sunday morning. Iraq wakes up. (they were up late partying, so it’s like 9am). They see a LONG line at the bank. What’s going on? Oh yeah, they have the LDs now. Better get in line.

We see it in America, oh darn. We have to wait until the 26th to do anything, Hmmm. That fits in Frankie’s dates of 26-30. And oh yeah. They’re not in Chapter 8 any more. Which means they beat the escrow date of the 30th! Yay!

Frank goes to Hawaii, all KTFA members either stare at walls for 30 mins, or cry, or jump, or scream. AND ALL KTFA MEMBERS PRAISE GOD FOR HIS PERFECT TIMING!!
I got a little extravagant there at the end, but hey, it could happen ya know. And as always, this is IN MY OPINION ONLY!!! HFD KTFA! 

 I would love it if Militia Man wanted to give his two cents, or anyone else for that matter!!

If you want to see how the numbers all line up to, I suggest you read the post today from Peggy68, she is an amazing analyst and I am proud of her work and the time she has taken to lay everything out there and give glory to our father!!

As always, I want to thank Frank, Tink, the Admins, Teams, Newshounds and Members. None of us work alone. None of us is an Island. But mostly I want to thank my heavenly Father. Because without Him. We truly are NOTHING. Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power forever to YHWH!!

Peggy68: My analysis no matter how absurd it may sound is this. I feel CBI removed their first 0 on March 29th and they removed the other 2 (00’s) June 11th. In my opinion, all three 000’s have been removed and with all my heart and soul that’s burning especially after I let those 3 (000’s ) escape that we are waiting for the next great event to come very soon. By the way Wednesday June 14th had a rate in the $2 range.   IMO we could see a rate between now and the latest on Forex June 26th.

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