Sunday, June 25, 2017

Intel from Zorra and OWK!" by Pat G, 25 JUNE

Thank you Patrick. You have been a trooper all the way and we appreciate it.

Zorra call today extremely revealing. The GCR,RV passed through China as Yosef inferred in June 22 post "0therside.

London banking in turmoil this a.m. as GCR was formerly announced in U. K.

OWK said he expects the RV to reach our coast tonight.

Also, Republic will be announced on July 4 and probably disclosure at that time also....from OWK and ZORRA.

Due to reasons unbeknownst to me, OWK will not be posting here any longer. He will be working from his own soon to be troll free site and sending info mails of updates and free offers as he rolls them out. If you want to be on list, send him an email with "list" typed on subject line. You can believe I did this as soon as Zorra's call wrapped up. I don't know and won't ask but I miss him greatly already... studentofcreation@gmail.com

Zorra said The Elders and Grandfather are totally in charge of the RV. OBAMA has no role in this. He is from the Mushraba Force and his return home is imminent. [url=http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Freedom Empowerment/mushaba_force_info.htm]http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Freedom%20Empowerment/mushaba_force_info.htm[/url]

If you wish to research, check out link above.

Oh, most important, segments are out❗️NPTB decided segment process was too convoluted and 800#'s will be posted on websites.

Zorra emphasized the cabal and their minions are no longer an issue. 

I wish us all much stamina and love...our humanitarian life lies before us.

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