Saturday, June 10, 2017

"HUGE" News from WSOMN & TNT Membe LucyInTheSky, 10 JUNE

Is anybody listening to Pres Trump? This is huge news for us!

I was told about seven years ago that this infrastructure bank is to be funded by the RV! It will have a high interest rate. 1T plan!

Who will be investing in the NIB (National Infrastructure Bank) ? We're all broke, until RV! OMG......



US citizens investing back into the US and being rewarded for doing so.

Now, it can change....but, I heard as high as 8% return.

We will be investing in that bank.....with their high interest rate.

Trump said, "Investors will invest billions in capital that is currently stuck on the sidelines." (What is currently stuck on the sidelines??) Smile Finally, the creation of the NIB is huge.

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