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Frank26:  KTFA FAMILY ................ WEDNESDAY'S CC contained 3 Golden Nuggets. Hope You found them.

God Bless You all .............. Sweet Aloha \m/  

Ty1:  Frank you are far too modest to say only 3 Golden Nuggets...These were my notes:
CBI is submissive to the IMF at this stage and both are in agreement on path forward - Agreement = Currency for Partnership

Financial and Economic Reforms were agreed by both sides in December

Wednesday the CBI and IMF agreed on the path forward on the Foreign Exchange Policy - This was final leg of the 3 legged stool.

Foreign Exchange Policy is not only the rate but the process that the currency will be lifted
The lifting of the 3 zeros is all that is left to activate the Economic and Monetary reform and that process is now agreed

The table is set to go international:  ATM Machines, Lower Denoms, Deposit Insurance at banks, VISA/Mastercard

IMF is proud of CBI cause the reserves are higher than anticipated which could allow a higher entry rate

Piggyback auctions are being adhered to which was an agreed upon plan of IMF and CBI
Mobile Banking is in full swing due to 10s of thousands of Mobile Phones that were handed out

Mobile Banking educates citizens of Monetary Reform and creates trust in banks

This all seems to be leading to a crescendo between June 10th and June 12th.

June 10th is the perceived day they will announce the liberation of Mosul

June 12th is a Celebration day for Iraq declaring their sovereignty which requires removal of Ch7 / Article 8

In order to claim sovereignty and the final key to remove the shackles you need to lift the value of your currency

Finally, Maliki is neutered due to accepting immunity for his seat as PM.  I have to imagine if he mis-steps again however action can be taken against him.  To me it feels like probation and if you commit a crime while on probation everything comes back 10 fold!

We head into this weekend with much grounded anticipation but it sure feels like it is time.  Frank and teams thank you kindly for laying everything out in such a succinct fashion.

Kind regards,   TY1


Fireball92:  DOES ANYONE KNOW??   IF THE IQD is released internationally as a CONTROLLED FLOAT, does that mean FOREX has to stay within IMF controlled guidelines or do we expect the rate to market driven?

Cole:  Correct me if I am wrong... but if I can say this in layman's terms.... the rate will be powered by the market, but managed by the IMF. Market=motor... IMF=steering wheel/gas pedal... imo


Don961:  Baghdad prepares to celebrate Mosul full liberation

June 08 2017 03:16 PM


Preparations have been going on in Baghdad to celebrate the full liberation of Mosul city, the last ISIS major stronghold, well-informed sources told the Baghdad post on Thursday.
The Ministry of culture prepares to hold a major festival to celebrate the full liberation of the second largest Iraqi city, the sources said.

This comes as US-backed Iraqi forces on February 19 launched a wide-scale military operation to liberate the city from ISIS terrorists.

The city fell to ISIS in 2014.

At least 98 percent of the city has been recaptured with little number of ISIS terrorists exist in the Old city and are expected to desperately defend it.


Don961:  of Iraq gets a loan of 3.5 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund

Twilight News

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Twilight News / Iraq get a soft loan worth 3.5 billion US dollars by the International Monetary Fund , as stated by Wednesday , Iraqi Prime Minister for Financial Affairs Advisor to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh.

He explained that the Fund will also provide an additional international financial umbrella by about $ 13 billion , both from the seven major international bank or industrialized countries or the postponement of compensation for the Kuwait war.

He pointed out that the Fund seeks through the second review to provide a framework for macroeconomic stability and in the course of financial adaptation leads to maximizing non - oil revenues as well as to enable Iraq to pay its debts in accordance with the mechanism of the so - called debt to bear energy.




 13:04 08/06/2017

Nearly six years, the former Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq Hussein Azri fled out of Iraq, after "embezzled" nearly 15 billion dinars, ordered him and exposed publicly, and although the "scandals" Azdi disclosed .before his escape but, like "allowed" to escape him before taking any legal action against him

Today announced that the investigation department of the Integrity Commission, in a press statement that "the competent court of integrity in Baghdad, the issues of criminal, sentenced in absentia, was sentenced to seven years in prison, former Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq, Hussein Essam Azri, for causing damage to public . "property and the interests of the party that operates

She explained that Azdi "took advantage of his job and the creation of damage to public money worth 14 billion and 722 million dinars, by committing irregularities in the granting of banking facilities to the company (waterlogging) contracting with the Ministry of Defense and the approval of the open letter of credit for the company, without the . "presence of real guarantees for the recovery of bank funds

It showed the department "Criminal Court issued its ruling after having reached an adequate criminalization of the accused conviction, and the issuance of an arrest warrant and investigation against him, with the support of booking the reality on his movable and immovable, and keep the hand affected the right to claim compensation before the ".civil courts after the acquisition of decision­ class peremptory    LINK

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