Thursday, June 15, 2017

Elmerf123456 & the TNT Gang 6/15/17

Elmerf123456:  "Just in from across the Pond" "The Caliphate" collapsing in Old City. Iraqi forces inside 4 square kilometers! Intense pressure is being applied. "We want this done and we want it done quickly and the welfare of our people are our priority" This will be a great achievement!

Offgrid:  it is the one just north of the Old City, so now there is only 1 district - the Old City - in Mosul to retake ... 1 last district then celebrate

PastorJohn:   Here's something to think about. According to Bloomberg that was posted on our site. Iraq is shipping millions of barrels of oil to the US. Why????? Something to think about.

Freeway2:  Pastor John - I read that on Drudge and was wondering myself since I understand we, in the US, have a large stock pile of Oil…..Peaked my interest

OffGrid:  Pastor John - perhaps the Oil Credits are already in play Wink

Pastor John:  Could this be the sign we are looking for. Revalue dinar goes into the Treasury. This was talked about  (using)  this currency to buy Iraq oil with. The Oil credits are indeed in play. And it's in play now. They are making this happen now with these shipments of oil.

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