Thursday, June 29, 2017

Elmer & the TNT Gang 6/29/17

Nikki6144:  Just saw on CNN scroll: Mosul liberated. IS is no more in Mosul

Elmerf123456: This early morning's news: I am speaking with my contact across the pond right now as we speak he's literally crying and sending me text after text and how things have changed he is praising God for the liberation of his country Praising God.... did you get that?

Elmerf123456:  For the country of Iraq today is an epic Historical day… they will never forget this day folks!

I have always said that for the RV to happen you had to have stability security and the patient in the country with Mr. recently the prime minister himself said prosperity for Iraq is right around the corner…. The big three …stability, security, unification ! All that leads to prosperity

Elmerf123456:  Pockets being cleaned up but announcements everywhere of the end of Daash.

Robert001:  Ok,, here is my thought. Liberated they are and the the escrow account to be opened on the 30th and the RV needs to be enforced before that happens.. Are all my statements correct ?

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