Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Elmer on Exchange Procedure **Updated**, 27 JUNE

Blessings, passing along some great info from Elmer TNT - thank you Elmer Smile When you make appt/exchange say the following:

"I have xyz currency and ZIM BONDS. this is to ensure the Zim will be treated correctly. Love you guys...I believe its acomin BODI


Elmerf123456:  Extremely Very Very important!!!!
I have been informed The following.....A paymaster was told by his attorney that when you go into exchange or through an 800 number and asked how many currencies do you have?
Tell them how many currencies you have but do not include the ZIM as a currency:

Mention you have XYZ currencies and you have ZIM BONDS!!!

 So in summary do not Associate the Zim as a currency because it is not!....the  calculation difference could be huge financially

***also take note if we do go to exchange centers, it will be very prudent to check IDs of the establishment don't get too excited and lose your focus .. I personally am going in with the attitude that I'm the buyer of a relationship not the seller of currencies!

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