Wednesday, June 28, 2017


DR. CLARKE: Witt: You are 100% Correct....and this needs to be posted because every currency investor in the U.S., needs to MAKE A NOTE, about this IRS Tax information, as a True Fact, and listed on their website for ANYONE TO VIEW. PAY YOUR TAXES! (if you choose). Unless, the IRS code changes, which MAY happen in the future.

We copied and pasted this directly from the IRS website, IRS PUBLICATION 525: 
Foreign currency transactions. If you have a gain on a personal foreign currency transaction because of changes in exchange rates, you don't have to include that gain in your income unless it is more than $200. If the gain is more than $200, report it as a capital gain.

Crystal Clear. (For Individuals) 
Show it to your CPA, Financial & Tax Professionals, which we're NOT, but recommend you Get Some of these folks NOW, or at least Line them Up (if you choose).

Their Words, Not anyone else's.


P.S. We Guess-Timate 2nd Half of JULY.
(Remember what we said earlier about JULY?)   MASSIVE.

Hey, do you know what the HOTTEST Month is in Iraq? You know, temperature-wise? 
AUGUST is listed 1st.........But, JULY is listed right with it, as equally HOT......the mean high is 110 degrees celsius.

Why, would that information be important? Maybe is isn't, but then again, maybe it is?.....Think about it. Just so you know, IT IS.

From our JUNE 11, 2017 Post (LINK) (17 days ago):

  • The LEADER: Baghdadi - Russia PUBLICLY claims the credit.
  • The Calendar: Everything in JUNE - Abadi to Saudi, Iran, Kuwait, Ramadan, Eid, IMF old funds release 30th, new CBI website. ......then......Nothing significant for JULY. Zip. (in comparison)
  • The Fake News: U.S. blamed for air bombing the Old Mosque. Abadi to announce the Liberation of Mosul several times over a 2 month period - June 12, a few days, next week, coming days, coming hours.....Mosul done. No it's not. Yes it is. No it's not. Daesh defeated. No not yet. Yes they are. No they aren't. 3% left. Then 7% left. No 2% left. No, 3% left. No, 1% left. 7 Districts. No 5 Districts. No 6 Districts. Now 3 Districts. No it’s 4 Districts. Now it’s 2 Districts. No, it’s 1 Final District. It’s in coming days……no, it’s hours. No, it’s Done. No, they’re still there. Where? 500 left. Now, 700. No, less than 300. Now less than 100. No, it’s less than 1,000. How many left?……..Crystal Clear…………Hours…….How many hours was that?
  • The Reverse-Opposite: Grand Ol Mosque came down, strategically destroyed BY DAESH. (we really didn't know this exactly ahead of time.....but kinda guessed something like this)
  • (We also knew the Travel Ban counter claims were completely Bogus claims, and would be reversed, once reached Supreme Court - just weren't sure of timing and a 9-0 landslide ruling)

What was the SHOCKER we spoke of within the 2 weeks, you wouldn't miss, that would Change Everything?: The Grand Ol Mosque destroyed by Daesh. Also, the new CBI Website.

But really, it was Abadi's tour of SA, Kuwait, Iran all in One Week,….for the timing and impact was unmistakable evidence that, something BIG had just changed TANGIBLY - not just words.....for it, and all these were ACCURATELY PUBLICIZED. PUBLIC......and everything that's significant MUST BE REPORTED PUBLICLY in the U.S., also - not just in Iraq, or ME or wherever. 

HEY, you do know.......that Iraq is NOT required to significantly increase the value of their currency, the Dinar - don't you? They could go on for a very long time, just doing what they're doing. You know that Right?

But, we Really Really don't think they will. We think they are much Smarter than that........and over 35 Million People, AT MINIMUM, are begging for Economic Relief, and a return to not only Freedom from Terrorism, guns, torture, captivity, death, suffering and constant FEAR.......they Want, NEED, and Deserve - a Significant RISE in Prosperity & Abundance - NOW, asap..........(Just like Every One of You, as well). 

Seriously folks, it's going to take an Official PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT, NOT JUST of MOSUL being Liberated - 

BUT ADDITIONALLY, a PUBLIC Announcement about the ENTIRE Country of IRAQ, NOW being LIBERATED FROM ANY CONTROL OF DAESH, AND AT SAFE LEVELS, whereby the people of Iraq may return to a normal and peaceful life. (They know there will always be spotty, violence & terroristic acts in the future - CONTROL is the key word).

The Official, PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT of the entire Country of Iraq…….Liberated from Daesh.

We feel they will do this in tandem, at the same time. It's not just about Mosul, but must include the statement about the WHOLE COUNTRY of Iraq.

We feel that it may take a little time, before they actually, OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY change their currency value.

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