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Dinar Updates Sunday Late PM Chat 6-4-17

Dinar Updates Sunday Late PM Chat   6-4-17  

subgirl says():ERBIL, Kurdistan Region –
The head of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council and the president’s chief of staff met with the Iraqi prime minister in Baghdad on Sunday to discuss ongoing security coordination.

In their meeting, they discussed how the trust and harmony between the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga led to quick defeat of ISIS “and this cooperation will be the start of a more understanding relationship between the central government and the Region in the future,” read a statement from the prime minister’s office.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received Chancellor Masrour Barzani and Chief of Staff Fuad Hussein in Baghdad on Sunday.
They discussed “the anti-ISIL campaign and cooperation between Peshmerga and the Iraqi army,” Barzani tweeted following the meeting.

They also discussed relations between Erbil and Baghdad in general. “[W]e reiterated need for an honest dialogue to address broader differences through peaceful means and a mechanism that respects the aspirations of Iraq’s communities and guarantees a prosperous future underpinned by trust and stability for all groups,” Barzani stated on Twitter.

Their visit comes shortly after Barzani and Hussein met with high-level Washington officials on a trip to the United States.

Peshmerga and Iraqi army cooperation in Mosul offensive to defeat ISIS in northern Iraq has been widely hailed as an important step in building relations between them. Describing it as the first time the Iraqi and Kurdish forces have shed blood together, Barzani said last October, “We hope it’s a good start to create a bright future for both sides.”

The semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region intends to hold a referendum on independence this year. Kurdish leaders have said they hope to resolve problems with Baghdad through peaceful discussion.

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subgirl says():New York Times: Three US companies are preparing to invest in international roads in Iraq

subgirl says():2017/06/04 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 158 - Number (3940)

The road runs from Baghdad to Amman through Anbar province across the western desert of Iraq. The land is seen by insurgents and truck drivers are risking these days. However, the future view of the United States may be similar to the New Jersey State Road Service Station There are recreation areas, cafés and kiosks along the way.

As part of a US effort to boost economic development in Iraq and ensure that activity in the country after the war against a pro-US organization, the US government brokered a deal between Iraq and Olive Group, a private security firm, to secure the country's first major road.

The project quickly took place in the midst of geopolitical and sectarian tensions and tensions between the United States and Iran, which seem determined to sabotage the highway project as a sign of US influence on its doorstep.

Earlier, Iraqi leaders linked to Iran appeared to be reflecting Tehran's views, pledging to resume attacks against US troops if Trump's administration decided to leave troops behind to train the Iraqi army and carry out anti-terrorism missions that seemed likely. These leaders were particularly vocal in their criticism of the highway project.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who sought to promote the highway deal, has been caught in the middle of the tension by positioning himself closer to the United States at a time when Iran's influence has become more prominent in Iraq.

The politician, Izzat al-Shabandar, a prominent Shiite leader and former parliament member, The main opposition of the highway project. Stressing that the Iraqi factions close to Iran are more powerful than the Iraqi army.
Shabandar said he expected Iran to eventually remove Abadi from power once the project is completed.

First, it will boost economic development in Anbar province, a vast Sunni majority that has suffered from marginalization. The other purpose is to undermine Iran's influence in Iraq, which has reached the alarm bells. Sunni Arab states have a US ally like Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Abbadi has granted this development to Oluf Group, although the final details are still being studied. The project will include repairing bridges in the western province of Anbar, renovating the highway, building service stations, and rest areas and roadside cafes. It will also include the provision of mobile security services by private contractors to travelers on the road.

Abadi, in an interview, denounced the "mafiyat" which runs the road, referring to militias and armed groups that intimidate drivers and take bribes to secure their passage. Neither the central government nor the local government will pay anything, but instead we will get benefits.

"The deal is estimated to last for 25 years and is known as a concession agreement, meaning the government does not spend money as a prelude. In theory, the multimillion-dollar investment to be implemented by Ulf Group will be reimbursed by fees, a deduction partly for the Iraqi government.

subgirl says():There is discussion of the eventual establishment of three other fast-paced investment routes in Iraq run by US companies: the first runs along the Saudi border via Karbala to Baghdad, the second from Basra to Baghdad and the third from the Syrian border to Baghdad.

Many media outlets in Iraq linked to Iranian-backed figures have dealt with the highway deal as a conspiracy by the United States and Israel to occupy the country.

One of the reports claimed that the US security company responsible for implementing the highway project "belongs to the Israeli Mossad." A statement by one of the powerful militias cited the Sykes-Picot agreement signed between the colonial powers to divide the Middle East during the First World War and talks about the highway project, By the United States to divide Iraq.

By playing the strings of painful memories and fears Iraqis have seen, media outlets have also falsely reported that Blackwater, the private security company that killed innocent people in Baghdad's Nisour Square during the US occupation in 2007, was the one to take over the project.

"The political situation in this country is full of challenges. We hope that the Iraqi people and the Jordanian people will look at this project," said Christjian Runo, executive vice president of Constellations, the parent company of Ulf Group, a security company that has worked for many years in Iraq. Built for him and a resource of my economic life. "

subgirl says():During the booming and safe periods, the highway from Baghdad to Amman was an important trading channel, with 1,500 truckloads a day passing through the road, generating $ 1 billion in commercial revenue a month, he said.

In dangerous times, as in recent years, the official border crossing with Jordan has been closed, but truck drivers have continued to use the road and put their lives in their hands.

While the main cities of Anbar province, such as Ramadi and Falluja, have been liberated from an advocacy organization, the surrounding deserts on the western side of the road to Jordan and Syria are still considered dangerous and uncontrolled areas, where armed militants are still moving freely. 
On the other hand, The project provides thousands of construction and security jobs for Anbar province and tribal leaders have lined up to support it.

"We are very happy with this project," said Sheikh Ahmed Taha Alwan, a prominent tribal leader in Anbar, adding: "There is great hope that this project will bring benefit to the province in two important security and economic aspects."

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subgirl says():US-led coalition establishes new military base on Syria-Iraq border

subgirl says():US-led international coalition announced a new military base had been erected at the Syrian-Iraqi border, well informed sources told The Baghdad Post Sunday.

This comes amid severe battles against ISIS terror group in the regions still held by the terrorist group in Iraq.

Iran-allied militias, known as IMIS, have recently sought to open a safe corridor towards the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Analysts say the move comes upon the instructions on the Mullah's regime in Iran to back the Assad regime in Syria.


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subgirl says():Yazidi Iraqis call for int'l peacekeeping force
June 04 2017 09:20 PM

Yazidis in Iraq have called for an international peace keeping mission in their districts, The Baghdad Post reported Sunday.

In a press conference, MP from the Yazidi constituent Haji Kandoor al-Sheikh said, "As representatives for the Yazidi constituent, we have been calling since Aug. 2014 in all international and regional events for an international peacekeeping force to protect the rights of minorities".

Al-Sheikh stressed Yazidis had lost confidence in the Iraqi forces that left them in the lurch when their territories had been stormed by ISIS terrorists.
​"We completely lost confidence in the Iraqi forces. They abandoned us when ISIS stormed our regions in 2014," he added.

"The US-led international coalition, the United Nations and the European Union are required to send peacekeeping forces to secure civilians' return to their homes," he said.

subgirl says():UNHCR sets deadline for local elections
2017/06/04 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 391 - Number (3940)

Baghdad    The Electoral Commission announced that political parties have two weeks to submit lists of candidates for the local elections scheduled for next September.

While calling on the Commission to abide by deadlines set, confirmed that it will prevent the participation of any political entity did not submit lists of candidates within the deadline declared, and did not complete registration as a political party.

UNHCR confirms its readiness to use the "results accelerator" if local elections are to be held on schedule this year.

To link the National Alliance to merge the local parliamentary elections, scheduled for next year, the adoption of the provincial councils law, which is the subject of deep differences between the parliamentary parties.

The Alliance confirms, what revealed (range) previously, the existence of a near political agreement not to extend the current Council of the Commission, in exchange for non-renewal of any member of the current Council.

A meeting of the Electoral Commission Council, held on May 31, and reviewed a copy of it yesterday, approved the receipt of lists of candidates for political parties approved by the Board of Commissioners, to participate in the provincial elections 2017 effective 1/6/2017 until The end of the official working day for Monday, 12/6.

The decisions of the meeting provided that the political parties granted a license to establish during the period referred to the submission of lists of candidates to participate in provincial elections.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi announced earlier this year the date of September 16 as the date for holding local elections. But the difference of blocs on the law of local elections, and the fate of the Electoral Commission, whose mandate expires next September, make commitment to this date difficult.

Until now, the blocs have not decided to merge the local and parliamentary protests, but the circles are talking about an undeclared agreement.
"The time limits set by the election commission to receive lists of party candidates, which have been approved to participate in the provincial elections, are sufficient," said Srbst Mustafa, chairman of the Electoral Commission.

"The deadline will be the last of the parties and entities that did not get a leave of establishment to complete their procedures during the specified period," adding that "any party did not submit

subgirl says():"The deadline will be the last of the parties and entities that did not get a leave of establishment to complete their procedures during the specified period," adding that "any party did not submit candidates during this period will not participate in the provincial elections Scheduled for next September. "

On the possibility of holding a local ballot, the Chairman of the Council of the Commission that "it is up to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Parliament to determine the date of provincial elections or merge through the legislation of a law to determine these times and dates,

" noting that "the date of local elections is dependent on the amendment of the law of elections Councils Provinces and its adoption in parliament. "

And delayed the differences between the components of the province of Kirkuk vote on the law of provincial elections for more than once.

The components of Kirkuk are divided between parties that want to hold local elections according to the mechanism stipulated by the law submitted by the government.

This trend is represented by Kurdish parties and allied parties. The other Kirkuk parties are demanding the enactment of a special law to organize elections for the provincial council. Which is the opinion of the Arab and Turkmen components and some other minorities.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri introduced, in April, a book to the Electoral Commission confirmed that the provincial ballot could not be held on time for not receiving the necessary financial allocations, and not to amend the provincial councils law.

"The political parties, if they abide by these new terms and periods, will be able to hold provincial elections in September without any obstacles or problems," he said. "All preparations are available, existing and existing."

On the completion of logistical preparations, such as the registration of biometrics and electronic voting devices, the senior official in the Electoral Commission said that "the results of the accelerator will reach the first meal in mid-July and will enter the special ballot for the provincial council."

 "These devices will be sufficient for all the electoral stations because there is an exception to the provinces of Nineveh, Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region from the holding of local elections."

In February, the election commission revealed its intention to replicate South Korea's experience in election administration by contracting 59,000 units to switch to "electronic voting", speeding vote counting and announcing results within a short time.

subgirl says():In contrast, the National Alliance praises the new dates set by the Electoral Commission for the purpose of ratification of the parties and the receipt of lists of candidates, considering that "the invitation will stimulate many of the parties to obtain the licenses establishment."

"The parties are required to complete their registration in the parties' constituency six months before the date of the ballot," MP Mohammed al-Lakash said in a statement. "These measures are part of the work of the electoral commission to prepare for the upcoming local elections, .

The representative of the mass of the citizen, led by Ammar al-Hakim, that "the Commission continues to register biometric, which reached the number of modernists to 11 million out of the 23 million voters are entitled to vote," adding that "the entry of the accelerator results are guaranteed during the next ballot." 
​As for the possibility of complying with the constitutional deadlines, El-Lakash said that "the approval of the Provincial Councils Law determines who will hold the local elections in September or any other time." He pointed out that "there is a political agreement not to extend the current council, .

Despite the demand of political forces to prevent former members from running, there is no legal justification for excluding them from the competition, which has brought the Committee of Experts into a new crisis that would hinder its work. The blocs are looking for a legal solution to the dilemma faced by the Committee of Experts in charge of selecting a new council of the Commission, after the nomination of 6 staff of the current Electoral Commission.

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