Saturday, June 24, 2017


New CBI site, http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/ showed 1.20 IQD to 1 USD or USD 1/1.2 = USD0.83🤣🤔🤗
Iraq will inform UN and the IMF on the last day of the month, escrow gets turned over, and three days later it is public knowledge. Even though it would be July 3rd, but still they were International at the end of June, officially.
The international structure of IQD is organizing itself and taking shape. It is taking on an international form.
There are reports of a big street parade today throughout the weekend extending into Monday celebrating the victory of the military, the end of Ramadan and the EID holiday..
The supplement to the 2017 Budget will be activated soon following Parliament approval. The Iraqis citizens will be celebrating with a massive fireworks display sometime tonight in Baghdad.
Iraqi TV is broadcasting the coming days will mark a significant impact to purchasing power for all citizens of Iraq!
Iraqi TV is reporting Iraq receiving congratulations from US government officials for defeat of Isis.
The CBI site has taken on a new appearance and is in the “updating” process showing rate changes as conditions change

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