Friday, June 16, 2017


As far as Iraq is concerned we can only depend on what they tell their people, and what they do. They keep saying they will have reconciliation at the end of Ramadan, and they have been conditioning their citizens for the cashless society, so that they can revalue with a keystroke… Iraq told their people ‘liberation of Mosul’, and now we’re waiting for the formal announcement although we all know Mosul is liberated. They may hold that announcement until the the end of Ramadan.
[Oan- Baghdad]
revealed the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Fatih Yildiz, expressed his country ‘s readiness to host a conference on the reconstruction of Iraq in the month of September next.
A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and meet for the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “Planning Minister Salman Jumaili discussed with a senior Turkish delegation a number of important issues relating to the promotion of bilateral relations between the two countries in the economic, investment and trade fields , and the reconstruction of the liberated areas and other issues relating to standardization and control Quality”.
He added that Jumaili “received in his office at the ministry and the Turkish delegation included a number of general managers and representatives of some ministries and agencies and Turkish companies, as well as the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad , Fatih Yildiz , ” noting that ” the two sides stressed during the meeting to strive towards developing and activating bilateral relations between the two countries through overcome all the obstacles facing the development of those relations. ”
The statement noted that ” the meeting dealt with a memorandum of understanding to be signed between Iraq and Turkey in the field of standards and inspections of goods and Turkish goods imported by the Iraqi side, as well as discussing another memorandum of understanding relating to the organization of the Turkish Development Agency work in Iraq.”
He pointed to ” the role of Mtaakech Turkish companies in the reconstruction of the liberated areas of operation, expressed as the Minister of Planning for Iraq welcomed any effort or international support contributes to the implementation of the reconstruction plan for the liberated areas.”
For his part , expressed the Turkish ambassador to Iraq , Fatih Yildiz – according to the statement of the Ministry Altakotait- readiness of his government to hold a conference for businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors Turks and Iraqis , with the aim of joint coordination on reconstruction and tasks that can Turkish companies carry out operations. ”
Showed Yildiz said” This conference is to be adopted the Turkish government can stay in Turkey during the months of August or September next. ”

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