Sunday, June 11, 2017


The Foreign Currency Exchange Policy is now done. The prior agreement was to implement this Foreign Currency Exchange Policy. This was agreed upon and it also includes lifting the 000’s from the Iraqi dinar exchange rate which would in turn lift the restrictions on their exchange rate as well which is Article VIII qualification.
The Federal Police Command announced on Saturday the liberation of the Zanjili district of Mosul full-fledged after fierce battles with daash.
The commander of the federal police, Major General Raed Shaker Jawdat, said in a statement received by Baghdad today that “his forces liberated the Zanjili district in full after fierce battles with the daash,” adding that “the liberation process resulted in the killing of hundreds of militants of the organization, including 49 snipers, 22 suicide bombers, and the destruction of 40 Motorcycles, and 27 single-engined anti-aircraft”.
He added that “40 car bombs were destroyed, 16 mines destroyed, 15 mortar units were destroyed, 150 explosive devices were detonated, 525 rockets were seized, 4 factories were used to manufacture rockets, improvised explosive devices and vehicles.”
Baghdad Today
Article: “The parliamentary economy supports the recent central bank measures to regulate the sale window of the currency” This piece is RICH with detail… Quote: “…classification of Bank central banks involved in the window selling currency step very good and its monetary reform”, stating that “the Central Bank has taken these actions in coordination with foreign experts and particularly from the United States of America…” And its monetary reform as the phrasing seems to indicate they are in the middle of the process. Now.

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