Monday, June 19, 2017

Delta and Frank announce that Iraq is just waiting to go international, 19 JUNE

DELTA : [Why is the CBI training new personnel in July (July 2 to 20th)?]   

 They will need more employees. IMO -- They are ramping up. Business inside of Iraq will increase. 

Article 8 will help with everything increasing. 

They are expecting more and more business coming to Iraq
  ...there are about 5 benchmarks they must comply with (with the IMF) to go International.  This should make you more and more happy! 

The World Bank, IMF, US Treasury...they are very strict!   Iraq is just waiting to go international.


And Frank agrees


 What is the new purpose of auctions...(piggyback).   IMO – it’s because they are about to go international.

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