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Chat Room Highlights Wed Late PM 6-21-17 , 22 JUNE

Post From TruthCall Chat Room
Chat Room Highlights Wed Late PM 6-21-17  
The Crisco Kid: You Know When I Was A Kid About 12 I Thought My Dad Was The Biggest Fool On Earth.. Then One Day About 20 Years Later I Found He Was A Genius And I Was The Fool .....
Meatball: funny how it all comes full circle
The Crisco Kid: Yuppers
Meatball: I catch that all the time
Meatball: i had all the answers.... most of them the wrong ones lol
The Crisco Kid: I Hear Yea ...
oufan33: new to the room, where is everyone
Meatball: right here
The Crisco Kid: Just Howdy Hows That ....
oufan33: thought maybe everyone was at the bank

The Crisco Kid: We Are Wear Are You ????
Meatball: just got back..lol
oufan33: sitting around waitin
Meatball: i bought the bank lol
The Crisco Kid: Dusting Off My New Gold Backed Dollars ...
oufan33: i wish i was
oufan33: mine wouldnt have to be gold backed
The Crisco Kid: Where You Hanging Out Before ???
oufan33: this is the 1st chat room i have been in
The Crisco Kid: Really !!
Meatball: welcome to it
oufan33: say the link on dinar dectectives
oufan33: saw
oufan33: lookin for the inside scoop
The Crisco Kid: Right Now Its Dinner Time So It Might Be Just A Little Slow But It Picks Up A Little Later ...
NewEarth: Helloooooo FINALLY!!! I've been looking all over hoping to find a chat room filled with people "in-the-know"!! so to speak...
[pm]mod: @NewEarth Welcome!
NewEarth: Thank you!
Meatball: hey there
NewEarth: I've been in tune with the subjects at hand for about 5 years and for 5 years I've been sitting on the edge of my seat
Meatball: that has to be uncomfortable
NewEarth: You learn to adjust, wiggle, and readjust
Meatball: lol
Meatball: nice one
NewEarth: thx
Meatball: comedy goes far in all of this
NewEarth: I do think we are in a unique position right now, don't you?
Meatball: in what way?
NewEarth: Well, regarding the RV in addition to a host of other "Get outta here, no way!" situations we're encountering (i.e., #45 and stuff)
Meatball: there making progress no doubt
Meatball: remains to be seen what happens
NewEarth: that in itself is exciting to me, although that doesn't take much
NewEarth: it doesn't take much to get me all excited and happy about progress in the least way
Meatball: nothing wrong with that

Meatball: life is to long to be miserable

NewEarth: :biggrin:

NewEarth: Are you here alone?

Meatball: there are others on here

NewEarth: Maybe we should be informed that there are 129 silent users online

NewEarth: :biggrin:

Meatball: they jump in and out
Meatball: lots of good folks on here

NewEarth: aaahh... IC. Well I'll just hang back to see what interesting conversation arises. Thanks for your hospitaliaty

Meatball: a lot of intelligent viewpoints

NewEarth: that's refreshing
Meatball: it is ... when you consider the BS floating around out there

NewEarth: You're not kidding!
NewEarth: Meatball, I just read that you're S. Philly native. I am Philly native too! Ol' school Germantown.

Babycakes: Wow finally a chat site again. Nice to read one.

tman23: Isiis destroys 840-year-old mosque where they declared caliphate........ Said the other night the delay was ISIS hiding out in the Mosque......And that was the stand off in a nut shell.....

I said I would level it from the air and END THIS CARNIVAL........ Whelp ISIS leveled it !!! LOL !!

But ......In a statement posted online after the Ministry of Defence statement, Isil claimed an airstrike carried out by the United States destroyed the mosque and minaret. The US-led coalition rejected the Isil claim........


Babycakes: It is sad the Mosque was destroyed, but maybe it needed to be
The Crisco Kid: You New HEre ?

Babycakes: You know what I'm talking about

The Crisco Kid: Yuppers

Babycakes: Yes, just found the site tonight

The Crisco Kid: How Did You Come Across It ?

Babycakes: I was reading recaps

The Crisco Kid: Kind Of Quite Right But I Gets Lively Once In Awhile ....

Babycakes: Just trying to stay updated and find out what is going on. Found the chat that was posted and followed the instructions

The Crisco Kid: Good Choice
Babycakes: Have you heard anything new that I haven't been able to read since earlier

The Crisco Kid: Now On The Other Hand I Like To Make Jokes Sometimes They Hurt < But Thats Me ....

Babycakes: I think everyone does that, not meaning to hurt others

The Crisco Kid: Nothing New This Aftrenoon That I Know Of .... Oh Ya News Flash Hurry Up And Wait ...

The Crisco Kid: Is It True Blondes Have More Fun ???

Babycakes: ROFL

Babycakes: I don't know about others but I seem to LOL

The Crisco Kid: How Long You Been In This

Babycakes: Over 10 years
Babycakes: You?

The Crisco Kid: Dam Girl Thats A LOng Time ..
The Crisco Kid: Just About 4 Years

Babycakes: Yeah, it started with a gift, but the wait gave us time to purchase a little more, now we wait and wait and wait

The Crisco Kid: Kind Of The Way I Started But Then I Got Carried Away ....

Babycakes: I know a lot of people did, we just got what we could afford then had to stop and wait. A little every month

The Crisco Kid: So Very True ...

Babycakes: I feel for those that have lost everything waiting, some even their lives

The Crisco Kid: The Only Thing I Buy Now Is The 500,000 MIllion Zim ....

Babycakes: I haven't bought any of the Zim, just don't feel we can afford it right now

The Crisco Kid: Only Buy What You Can Afford Thats Smart ......

Babycakes: Bills have to come first, tithing too 
​Babycakes: The granddaughter has a job , but my son just can't seem to hold one down. He's invested too so just waiting like us

Babycakes: He doesn't want to work because of it
Babycakes: It will get better soon

The Crisco Kid: Not Much Longer Count On It ....

Babycakes: Doesn't sound like we have much longer to go.

The Crisco Kid: Not Working Because Of IT Not A Smart Move ...
Babycakes: I know, even my hubby is working

The Crisco Kid: You Have To Remember Its Been Going Around 14 Years And Holding....
Babycakes: You have to live life while you wait
The Crisco Kid: True ....

Babycakes: He's extremely stubborn and thinks he knows it all, big sigh
The Crisco Kid: How Old ?
Babycakes: 26

The Crisco Kid: Been There Done That And Got The T Shirt ,,,,,,
Babycakes: He bought some when he was 18
Babycakes: LOL
The Crisco Kid: That Right There Should Tell HIm Something ....
The Crisco Kid: @subby You New Here ???
subby: @The Crisco Kid just a couple of times thats all
subby: @The Crisco Kid so you can talk about anything in here right?
Babycakes: @ subby you should come in more
subby: @Babycakes awwee thanks!!! :)
The Crisco Kid: Just About Anything I Guess ..
subby: @Babycakes I like to talk a bit about dinar
Babycakes: @ subby :)
The Crisco Kid: Bring It On
subby: @Babycakes Lots of news about it...
Babycakes: Go for it
The Crisco Kid: Tells Us
subby: @The Crisco Kid ok hold on just a sec ok?
The Crisco Kid: Sure
subby: @The Crisco Kid ok let me show you an article that is really good.
subby: @The Crisco Kid do you care if I bring an article in?

The Crisco Kid: Depends On What Your Waiting For

subby: @The Crisco Kid ok

The Crisco Kid: Please Do

subby: @The Crisco Kid Iraqi army about to fully recapture Mosul right bank-official Iraqi army announced it was about to fully liberate Mosul'd right bank and "end the myth of ISIS terror group", security sources told The Baghdad Post on Wednesday.

Commander of Counter-Terrorism Service, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghany al-Assady said in a statement "We are about to fuly recapture al-Hadba Minerate and al-Nouri Mosque".

Since February 19ht, Iraqi army supported by the US-led international coalition and Iran-allied IMIS militias have launched an offensive to oust ISIS from Mosul's right bank. The offensive is code-named 'We Are Coming, Nineveh'. http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/sto...-bank-official

subby: @The Crisco Kid shows how close they are from having Mosul completely liberated! isn't that cool?

The Crisco Kid: That's A Good Thing For Us

subby: @The Crisco Kid hopefully you can click on the link and go there...
subby: @The Crisco Kid yep it is a good thing for sure...
subby: @The Crisco Kid let me show you another article ok?

Babycakes: Now I have a question, is that close to the Mosque that was destroyed

The Crisco Kid: You Have To Remember That There's A Ton O Fake News Out There ....
The Crisco Kid: I Believe So BUt Don't Put Any Stock In What I Say I Donl Follow Iraq Much

Babycakes: @ Crisco, I don't either

The Crisco Kid: I Believe Than Iraqi Is Used To As A Cover To keep Kicking The Can Down The Road

Babycakes: Subby did we loose you

subby: @The Crisco Kid ok this is about Abadi meeting with Kuwait
subby: @The Crisco Kid Abadi begins his visit to Kuwait to close the effects of Saddam's invasion and hold a conference for reconstruction Abadi begins his visit to Kuwait to close the effects of Saddam's invasion and hold a conference for reconstruction {Baghdad:

Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi starts today an official visit to Kuwait from Iran, accompanied by a senior government delegation including foreign ministers and internal planning, work, agriculture and Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and a number of other officials.

A spokesman for the Office of Prime Minister Saad al - Hadithi in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that Abadi and his accompanying delegation "will meet with Emir of Kuwait , Sabah Al - Ahmad Al- Sabah and the Prime Minister and senior officials of the Kuwaiti government of Kuwait."

And that "This visit comes within the framework of Iraq 's desire to strengthen relations with Kuwait and the development prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries for the benefit of the two brotherly peoples and will research on issues of common concern and to close the rest of the files that resulted from the invasion of Saddam Hussein 's regime of Kuwait."

He said Sabri also "talks will address the consolidation of relations between the Republic of Iraq and the State of Kuwait in the fields of economy, investment, energy and transport."

" It will also include meetings that will bring together the delegation of Iraq with the Kuwaiti side search in the role played by Kuwait in supporting the direction of Iraq for an international conference to support the Iraqi government 's efforts in the reconstruction and rehabilitation and to achieve stability in the liberated areas , which is to be held in the Kuwaiti capital in the coming period . " .is over http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/...storyid=145029

subby: @The Crisco Kid nope not yet... getting ready to go to bed here soon tho... is this room opened all night?

Babycakes: I agree with you on that one, first the elections here, then in England and somewhere else. Always something

Y7: I have become so cynical regarding any news on anything .it is mind boggeling that truth and lies are so intwined. Constanly asking God for discernment cause there is so much spin on everything these days.

The Crisco Kid: Yes .....

Y7: Always something fer sure. Lol

Babycakes: Yes

subby: @The Crisco Kid well I think it is important for us to keep up with the news tho...
subby: @The Crisco Kid how else will we know anything??

The Crisco Kid: I Will Not Pretend To Know Anything About THis Do Not Let It Up Set You And Just Wait It Over The Next Day Or 2 ....

Babycakes: @ subby, it is important, but news is not always truthful

Y7: Absolutely but temper it with it could hqve bias spin be 100% truth or lie propaganda 
subby: @The Crisco Kid well to know if the rv happens you can go to the CBI.iq and that will show you the rate change...

subby: @Babycakes True, there are usually more than one article of that topic out in public....

Babycakes: @ Y7 exactly

subby: @Babycakes there are so many articles out there for the public to read... :)

The Crisco Kid: I Don't Think We'll Be Able To Tell About Any Rate Changes Utill We Are In The Banks....

Babycakes: @ subby, yes. So we read and pray and try to decide and understand
Babycakes: I agree just wait

subby: @Babycakes well, with that I am going to say good night to you all.. :)
subby: @Babycakes Hope you all have a great night!!! :)

The Crisco Kid: Relax Some Of The News Is Just Best Not Understood..
The Crisco Kid: So What You Going To Do With All Your MOney ?

Babycakes: Make it work for me so I don't have to
The Crisco Kid: Smart ..

Babycakes: I've worked to long to keep doing it
Babycakes: What about you

The Crisco Kid: Well I Don't Have A Wife Or Kids , No Family To Speak Of I.m Old So What Ever The XXXX I Want To

Babycakes: Sounds great and you can't be that old

The Crisco Kid: 112 Years Old Should Of been 113 But Was Sick A Year ...
The Crisco Kid: Well Babycakes Before A Mod Or Something Else Shows Up I Think I Take Off And Go Play Some Poker, Nice Meeting You And Hope To See You Around....

Babycakes: Talk to you later my friend. Thank you for making me feel welcome

The Crisco Kid: Anytime So Long For Now 

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