Monday, June 19, 2017


We are basically towards the end of this ride. 

 My sources are my own...We get info direct from Iraq and other parts of the world.  Years ago, you remember that the Dinar was set up to become an oil for credits trade situation...For the purchase of oil. US Treasury invested heavily in Iraq, in terms of war effort and regaining sovereignty. It has always about the oil as backing the value of the currency. 

 Since then, we know that gold and other precious minerals have been abundant in middle east.  Dinar was $3.22 when the value of oil was $18/bbl.  Value of dinar has gone up with value of oil.  We know that the Qi cards indicate that the value of the Dinar is 4-5 times the value of the USD. That price has gone up over months and days.

 Iraq has been doing some things like shipping oil, thru an arrangement with OPEC, to ship an unlimited amount of oil for 90 days, and that started a week ago. They have been shipping massive amounts of oil now, getting more income.  All of these nations are taking order now of Iraqi oil. We took some in last night, 3 out of 8 tankers.

 How do we do that without knowing the price of the oil? 

 That is the result of that agreement from years ago, coming thru.  We understand that over the next 36-48 hours, we should receive 200 Million bbl of oil.  That sets it up to establish a rate for the dinar...and a higher official rate should be posted on the CBI. 

 When we combine that with what else we are hearing, it makes us appear to be in a very good place. A very good place for currency holders to begin to do their exchanges.  We are almost at the end of the ride. 

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