Friday, June 23, 2017

Bruce (the Big Call) Highlights from Thursday 6-22-17, 23 JUNE

Bruce (the Big Call) Highlights from Thursday 6-22-17

Bruce: I have been told that this will be my last regular call……from a good source

The 3 day holiday after Ramadan (June 26th)  is a great time as it is the beginning of  Eid al-Fitr…a 3 day holiday where everyone gifts one another for 3 days. Great celebrations are planned for those 3 days

Saturday would be a great time for an announcement

Lots of things are going on this week….Liberation of Mosul, chapter 7, escrow funds being recovered, ISX closed, etc

Redemption/Exchange centers are under active status as of today.

Engage status is what we want for 800 numbers to be released.

Hearing that USN's were released yesterday.

I am expecting it from the close of markets tomorrow through the end of weekend.

It could have happened today, but looks like it may be a weekend event. Active status is where all the exchange centers are on short call notice. Some think banks will have liquidity Monday to Tuesday morning

Tier 4 - that is us, should get going shortly

Very large Traunches of money are in position to fund tier 4.   We are in a good position and funds will continue to flow

I still think I will getting the toll free number and will post it to the web

I still do  not know exact timing. Noone does……Thinking that something may come 11:30am Bagdad time. on Saturday.

I think we will have ability to negotiate in exchange centers. But maybe not in the bank proper

Thinking  our  next call will be about a month away.  The next call will be post exchange.

Expecting an Iraq announcement and for group 3 to finish before us and we will hear that over the weekend…. I expect us to go Monday- Tuesday

Looking  for announcements Saturday morning  from Bagdad- their time.

End of Intel

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