Thursday, June 8, 2017


When you drink, no one teaches you to walk, you learn by yourself. When you were born, one was born alone. No fear, without the word not that later I believe you the divine fear.

But through electronic or media equipment we see as those who pay or punish not to pay but are given their philosophy or agenda. They convey their message of fear, of which they cannot without them, that we are nothing without them, of which we owe him, of which we are mediocre, Mongols, stupid, of which we will not be anything without his money, and if we do not do things In their way, they punished us with something, took something away to maintain the dependency.

That's called or brainwashing. But now back to the first. We were not born alone, without fear and learned to walk alone. Then that we are afraid, before them we existianos and after them too. We are one with God. And if so, you don't have to walk with the damn fear. " If God is with us, whoever is against us. " nice day

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