Friday, June 30, 2017

BGG says HUGE NEWS! CBI changed their website! , 30 JUNE

…This notice was from a June 26th [United Nations] meeting and only lasted 3 minutes and they adopted the resolution…the gist of it was they were gonna retain the funds contained therein until June 30th.  At which time all remaining funds will be transferred to the government of Iraq.

  This unanimously adopted resolution under chapter VII of the United Nations Charter was adopted fully completely and without reservation…they had extended this deadline.

  This was supposed to have happened a while back.  Something that was supposed to have happened didn’t happen and they pushed it back a little bit.

  They said (and I paraphrase) you should not take this as a bad thing this is a good thing…that we [the UN] supports Iraq in internationalization in every which way or form… 

...I half way didn’t expect them to do this..but folks this is real. 

 They are going to turn over the last bit of whatever is remaining in those funds…the food for oil program to Iraq and they are recognizing them as a country. 

 They are not talking about letting them out of Chapter VII and it’s not even under chapter VII.  This is Chapter VII charter.  It’s a protection program. 

 Looks like to me they had the meeting in 3 minutes and they put their rubber stamp on it and it’s over.   It’s not the end of the security file…it’s the end of that particular program.  There’s one more log on the fire

  Huge news in the dinar world…beyond huge news…the CBI changed their website.  In fact all of it’s changed.  Every scrap.  Every piece about it has changed.  

They changed where it’s hosted…who runs it.  How they run it.  It’s all different…a couple key things here that people are missing is…there are a couple different charts on there…

you’ve got an official rate of 1184.  You have the market rate of 1200 or street rate, whatever y u want to call it.  And there was talk for a long time that those two numbers had to get a lot closer together.  Well listen, right now that number is only 16 dinars apart and that is well within the magic number folks. 

So if that’s what that means and it’s a little bit too early to tell then that probably means way more than all this hokus pokus junk that’s being passed around.  That is a crucial piece of information.  A long time ago we thought the magic number was about 20 dinars…it’s currently at 16 dinar spread.  And that’s coming from the official CBI website by the way…


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