Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bank Story #253, 3 JUNE

Hello all, I had an interesting encounter with my banker today. I woke up to a message to call the bank, some problem. I call and they inform me that just over an hour before, $600 had been transferred from my account!!! I headed right down there because this was an emergency! Mr banker tells me that this transfer was from my account to my 19 year old daughter’s account! There were also numerous charges and attempted charges in Florida on my Debit card. My daughter claims it wasn’t her, and I hope it wasn’t, but still don’t know at this time.

 I am not letting this ruin my day, but I suspect the cabal’s last ditch effort to lower my frequency and vibration. My God power has been getting stronger and stronger lately and I think that is what’s happening. Anyway, I also had a check to cash and Mr banker asked how I wanted it!!! Of course, I may have taken a second or two, but I asked if he had the new money!

 He looked at me puzzled/sheepishly and I said you know, not FIAT money GOLD backed money! I said, “you must have heard about it”, and he said “I have heard a lot of rumors”…, I said , ‘well, the new money will be out soon and it will be backed by gold”, thanked him for his help with my issue and walked out into the most glorious, loving day I can remember! Please, if anyone, higher dimensional or otherwise can advise me on this I would welcome the insight. Comments are welcome as I really don’t have anyone to converse with.

Jimi James & The Blue Flames

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