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"ZIM Question: Low Rates?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/14/17

Zim Question: Low Rates?

I got a lot of emails today about the Gerry Maguire Call and the story of the low zim rates. I did not listen to that call and so I don't have first have knowledge that it was actually said. However it was posted on the IDC Version of a Daily Recap of Intel for the day.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 14, 2017

The Exact Post Was:

"B. May 12 Gerry Maguire Call: gm (@wingit=+}l) | Twitter

A group out of Australia has been paid on their Zim @ $.03- $.06 with 6 zeros taken off."

My Response

I psychically "Get" that it is not a true "Normal" exchange rate. Even if I didn't have that ability to discern the truth, I wouldn't believe it for a minute. We are at crunch time now, and the Cabal operatives will stop at nothing to convince you that:

#1) The GCR will be going much later, if not at all.

#2) That the currencies will get low rates if nothing at all.

Both of these "LIES" are designed to lower your Vibration, and raise your stress. 

Our House

We have all been keeping our House clean of this non sense, but other venues are not so fortunate. I can imagine the Gerry Maguire followers are freaking out. I feel bad for them, but it is not my work, or joy, to spend my days hunting Trolls on the Net. That would be an endless task.

The Law Of Attraction

Instead I rely on the Universal Truths and the Law of Attraction. Using these principles, if we all work together to keep our House clean, then there is ONE place in the World, where the REAL TRUTH can be found, and fellowship with the Best, and MOST POWERFUL (DECIDED) Light Workers call home. Then anyone in the World, who is seeking Truth, and EXPECTS to find it, will AUTOMATICALLY find our House on the Net. These are the Ones who are MEANT to have the largest Exchanges, and do the Greatest Humanitarian Work after the GCR. It is a natural function of the Universe.... Segregation, "Birds of a Feather."

It is easy to realize that not everyone should win the lottery, and likewise, not everyone should be holding currencies, especially the Zim. If you hold that currency, you need to be STRONG, be able to HAVE YOUR OWN MIND, and not be taken in by the only Cabal mind games. That is who we are on this site. 

Will there be others who get taken down by the Cabal Minions on other sites and venues? Absolutely! Is it wrong? Maybe, maybe not. That question is a much higher order matter. It has to do with why people have incarnated this time and what learning life experiences they have planned and agreed to. Each will find their place in this World Change Over. That is a natural function of the Universe.

Actions, & No Actions

Understanding how the Universe works, I know that we only have to Hold the Light in one place, and all those who are "Called," will find it. That is natural and automatic. So the actions would be keeping our house clean of Cabal trash, so that we have a place for Light Workers to find, and call home.

The no action for me, for example, is COBRA bad mouthing me to his followers on his sites. While I hear about this from my friends and family, it is a "no action," and a no consequence either. His followers are already screwed as they are still kept in fear just as they were by the Cabal. It is not my work to go and clean up his house. I only called out COBRA when he came into our house. But notice that doesn't happen anymore. While I appreciate being updated about what else is happening on the net, there is only one Place, our Home here on IDC, that matters to me. We only have to hold one place for the Light, and it will shine brightly, calling other Light Workers to come to our Home. 

An action by comparison, is the Gerry Maguire call, because it was brought into our house by Judy Byington, and several of our family had expressed stress over it. So it needs to be addressed and stamped out. Will I go to Jerry's site and say anything? No. It is not my work nor is it my business. Like COBRA, they can tell their Audience whatever they want. Their listeners are there by free will choice, and who am I to decide that they need to get more money for their exchanges? Remember, some people are better off not winning the lottery, and not one of us are in a position to say who they are. But, the Universe has a way of sorting out people to the place where they were "Meant" to be. So Be It! 

Here is a Post about this sorting process:

"GCR, Segregating Prosperity By Our Belief" - One Who Knows - 3.1.17

Could The Low Zim Rates Be True?

Sure they could. Remember, that I am quite certain that this particular story is NOT TRUE for normal exchanges. However if it were true, it would NOT surprise me, after all it said that some "Groups" got those rates. That is the nature of the groups that they got locked into VERY LOW rates by contract and that is just how it is. Basically, they got screwed. If you are in one of these groups, you may still have time to get some more currency that you will exchange as an individual, and get the highest rates. 

The Low Rate Scam

I have had some experience with this because I got emails from people who were getting sucked into them, and some that got taken by them already. The way the scam works, is that they promise you some rate, and it is a low rate for two reasons.

#1) They know you are desperate and will take whatever you can get

#2) If they offered you a high rate, you might not believe it. It is so much easier to believe that you can exchange earlier at a super low rate, than a good rate.

The way it works is that they offer you a rate like the one mentioned on Jerry Maguire, such as 3 cents and 6 zeros off. Then they tell you to send them the currency for validation, and so they can send you the payment into your bank account. If the scam is well done, they will sound official, may have many people who verify it is true, and will get lots of your personal information including your bank account info where they will (Supposedly) wire the payment to you.

In MOST of these cases, it is just a plain rip off at the least, and maybe even some other damage to you, since they have so much of your personal information.

If they have any legitimacy at all, which is not likely, they will tell you the payment is delayed, and then eventually, you will realize they are waiting for the exchange time just like you. When they exchange the currency you sent them, at the super high rates, then they send you a payment at the rate of 3 cents with 6 zeros taken off. 

Don’t Fall for this! Keep your currency and exchange it yourself.

The Up-Side To Low Rate Stories

There is an upside to these low rates being mentioned in Dinarland. 

#1) The first upside is that it gives people confidence that there is an RV and that it will happen. This is a Cabal backfire result, as it gives us all confidence. (This was not the intention, Too Bad Minions!)

#2) The second up side, is really no down side, and that is whoever has currency will still keep their currency and find out that HIGH RATES were true after all, when they are at their personal exchange. In other words, it does not stop people from keeping their currency and exchanging anyway. (This is a Cabal Backfire result as well, since it ends up making people think there will be an exchange and makes them keep their currency. Too Bad Cabal!)

#3) This is another Cabal Backfire type upside. People who suddenly think that the rates are going to be very low, simply go out and buy even more currency and are even more wealthy when the Exchanges come. (This was not the intention of the Cabal.... TOO BAD FOR THEM!)

#4) The final and most interesting upside to this Low Rate post, is that I get to give you even more confidence and advice on the scams out there in Dinarland. I also get to complement our Light Workers on a job well done, in keeping our own house clean. Then after reading this post, I am sure you feel better about who we are, and where we are, than before you read it. This was NOT the Cabal intention... TOO BAD CABAL!.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are at the end of this journey. Remember the Public Change of rates is the END. That is when we will exchange, at the END. So, if that is the end, that means it is going just as they say, and is about to become VERY REAL, for us and the whole World. In the mean time let's strive to keep our House clean of Cabal trash, so that we can provide a home for our fellow Light Workers where they can find truth and fellowship with others who have the same ideals and Humanitarian Intentions. 

I am so proud of you and of us as a whole. We have kicked Cabal butt, and If you only knew what I hear from the Republic levels, the Galactic levels, and the Angelic Levels, about us and our work, you would be proud of yourselves as well. We are doing great work here, and that is why they are depending on us to help get this job done. Good Work, my Fellow Light Workers! Remember, "Your Power, is In Your Faith and Confidence, that empowers your expectation, and manifests the result that we all want!"


Special Message To Us: (5-14-2017)

To our fellow Light Workers, Job Well done! 

Thank You form the Leaders of the Republic, Ashtar Command, Grandfather and the Angelic Forces.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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