Sunday, May 28, 2017

Yosef - "Healed" - GCR/RV Op-Ed 5/28/17

There's a little phrase those of us in the invisible Intel world like to say, "You can't believe what you can't imagine."

Making imagination a more critical tool in this world than hard person to person intelligence which is rarely accurate and always angled.

Reason is, most intelligence we receive at this level, and share, is so unbelievable that it challenges one's imagination.

Infinite Zimbabwe/African wealth, quantum satellite computing, next generation frequency weapon systems, banking wires above 50 zeros, telepathy communications, human cloning and AI replication, alien genetic manipulation... it tests the heart as much as the mind to the level of raw possibility.

Dinar Chronicles is probably not the best place for releasing some of this intel--but we offer it to those who like our challenge.

We accept those who do not care to expand or believe in things unseen.

All opinions matter. Equally. And why Patrick was chosen to release this information to Dinarland.

But this is why there's so much consternation in the community, as their are millions of different interpretations, opinions and levels of imagination, as well as the person to person contacts used for sharing information.

It's confusing. It's scary. And it's very real.
If you're open to receiving the real truth.

This transition of eras also demands a transition of power, which of course means a replacement of people and governments who once ran your world affairs.

They simple refuse to let go of constructs inbred into their beings genetically. Z very understandable actually and expected.

Yet these beings have no cosmic choice in the matter. God has chosen who goes forward and who remains behind energetically. And therein lies the rub.

So in this current climate of seemingly endless chaos, order is finally being induced, but not as it once was and certainly not by whom once influenced macro planetary change.

And we're all trying to make heads or tails of transition, some with more success than others.

Geopolitical levers are being pressed or applied now so that those once in power will leave and never return.

They're obviously not happy about it and doing their best to fight inevitable change. But the keys are being taken away whether they like it or not.

This equates to some military force, harsh and decisive for those who refuse to leave.

Know much of that has happened already.

There's also as you know a financial transition aspect that has been occurring for years and is now just waiting to be introduced to the mass of population.

Know this too has long occurred already and been tested/proven to be impossible to breech.

What's occurring now is the replacement of past political and diplomatic figures who only have their established public personas to use as leverage in negotiating their exits.

Sadly, these figures have pushed the NPTB passed their comfort level of being patient and merciful, and must now be dealt with--severely--as in arrest, Global media exposure and physical elimination where the need arises.

We've all longed for the NPTB to rip the political band aid off so the RV can start, which they have done actually... but ever so slowly it was difficult to recognize, as they were hyper considerate of how we, overall mass population, would react.

Never did they desire to create additional fear or chaos for those unawakened souls as massive earth changes were occurring beneath their feet.

Many innocent humans would have perished instantly through cardiac arrest if these transitional era changes were implemented too quickly.

So fast became slow out of necessity, and slow fast out of unconditional love not species punishment.

Always the NPTB intended to carefully, methodically and benevolently make constant but slight and subtle changes against the old power structure as to protect humanity's conscious minds--sensitive to what has been (or thought to have been), what is (or thought to be what is) and what will be (or though to be).

Again there are a lot of interpretations when it comes to past, present and future and they all matter equally to the NPTB.

Yet there comes a moment when even the slowest band aid remover gently pulls the last adhesive bond completely away from the skin and reveals our wound as healed.

Such a delicate and precious moment. Sacred in fact.

Maybe tonight, let all fear and worry go, knowing confidently that whatever has occurred in your RV past experience was all for the greater good, despite the current relentless chaos and suffering thrown at us hourly demanding we believe in something less than the spiritual truth of being in unified sacred covenant with our shared Creator.


God is with us.

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