Saturday, May 20, 2017

Yosef - "Global Reset Meeting" - Geopolitical Overview 5/20/17

Fantasy sports just fascinate me.

They are not real, not even physical. Yet physical beings consider them absolutely real.

Fantasy sports appears as a permanent hope filled reality, to divert us from our constant temporary sufferings.


Isn't that like the cabal's whole game plan?

Creating detailed alternative realities for us to operate in, generation after generation. War, politics, sports, education, retirement, investments, markets, entertainment, weather... all scripted like the coming Trump impeachment.

Controlling us without ever appearing in control of us. The majority of humanity actually believes they have free will.


If you accept that life is a fantasy sport, then you know it has been made to look and feel real, so that our it hides our true reality and our benevolence is kept hidden.

Humanity, as a species, is in the proverbial and emotional dark. We believe fantasy is reality and will fight to the death against anyone trying to steal our fantasy.

They, the cabal, considered themselves our illuminated ancient stewards, our genetic caretakers because they pass down ancient knowledge.

Yet they're not our creators. And that kills them. They know so much but still cannot create original seed. That must be infuriating to a higher mind species.

They are just temporary gatekeepers for constructing what is real, as they have malevolently chosen to govern human affairs in a perpetual state of illusion.


Their belief is that if they limit our comprehension, they limit our aspiration, which results in limited ascension.

But the opposite occurs when love is repressed by mechanisms of fear--it actually accelerates our ascension process and slingshots us forward beyond their temporary care taking responsibilities.

Nothing can restrict the Will of God and/or humanity from realizing our true potential in service of God. Zip. Zilch. Nada.


Nothing in the whole entire universe can restrict the light of God shinning from within our souls because like Christ, we are God. The Creator. One. All.


And even the obvious and blatant lie that is the reincarnated soul, which tricks some of us into surrender another lifetime of work to them--over, and over, and over again--still accelerates our progress as together all are serving God... because ALL serves God in the end!


These corrupted beings do not act human because they are not human, and their actions are not natural or organic to cellularly programmed human behavior.

It is wise then to start looking at your old leaders as anti-human or fantasy humanoid facsimiles mirroring real human beings.

Remember, fantasies can easily appear as reality until the lie is revealed revealed and consciousness set free.


Perhaps this is why they (cabal agents) defend their grand deception so diligently, so violently, and without any human soul actions.

Maybe they in fact have no soul. No real humanity to draw from. Yet they continue to portray themselves as human beings of perfection.

Ever wonder why all fashion magazines portray white people as glamorous? Movies and TV stars too? White owners in football, baseball and basketball?

Wait.. are you saying white people are aliens? That's coconuts Yo.

No, I'm saying open your mind to the possibility that aliens are living among us posing as human beings in every arena of human society.


Because if we, the mass of humanity, ever actually remembered the depth and breath of our subconscious captivity, of the overwhelming and perpetual deceit that our illuminated captures have perpetrated against us for over 13 millennia -- not only we would we lose our fucking minds, but we would blow theirs away and not even think twice.

Which is against the "do no harm" compliance element of sustaining life versus destroying it.


Still want those sovereign rates D-land?

Because your mission, same as mine, is to enlightened the masses of their captivity, while at the same time exposing our brothers and sisters of all colors, socio-economic backgrounds and geographical homelands to their infinite and heavenly reality/possibilities.

Talk about pulling people body, mind and soul from both ends of the fantasy/reality spectrum!

"You're a mind controlled slave and an unlimited Divine Being with God's Oversoul. Good luck with that!"

God is with us.

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