Thursday, May 25, 2017


Hello to my WSOMN friends.

Today begins Ramadan.  You know not to expect anything during this time of the year.

Well, you have been as close as a nose hair away, until ADMINBILL had to get some injections to ease the pain in his knees.  Good excuse as any to stop posting.  Guess his fingers stopped working?
His lies and delay tactics were getting old.

So, we are closing in on the end of May 2017, without anything notable happening with your exotic currencies.

There are so many items that need completion before Iraq could even consider a revaluation; items that will take years.

ISIS holds a good chunk of Iraqi dinar, probably more than all U.S. holders combined.  ISIS sure would like an RV.

If you have not figured it out yet, your zim is trash.  It is the biggest scam in Dinarland, and the exchangers laughed all the way to the bank.

Whether you have been on this roller coaster for a couple of years or a decade, in your brain you know this is not going to happen.
ADMINBILL knows this is not going to happen.  Sunni Daze, Sunnysplace, RickOShea, and the "person monitoring" the chat knows this is not going to happen.  

Unfortunately, Ted cannot pray it in.

Enjoy the Ramadan holiday, as there will be no positive news.  Take a vacation.  No need to bring your currencies.

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