Friday, May 19, 2017


Another day and the tension is so strong you can feel I coming off the page. Too long for some people and it is beginning to show through the post and PH’s back and forth between the members personally was attacked by a Moderator who felt my post was disrespectful to her when I responded to her post that was phrased in a way that was showing her frustration.

No big deal and we were able to get it straightened out via the Personal Message system and most of the members knew nothing about it. It kind of shocked me because it was one of the Mods I have always respected even before she became a Moderator. But it just reinforced my feelings of increased tension that is becoming more and more apparent as this RV drags on and on.

Most Gracious and Heavenly I come to you at this early morning time with a request that You speak to the hearts of our members and especially the Moderators who work so hard and keeping the mood of the on the up side and expecting state during this time when the Negativity abounds all around us. Keep us close as we reach out to the folks who bring in information and discernment.


Tank said London is exchanging and banks are counting millionaires..... we are expectant of 800# any min now, and especially before the marketshow open tomorrow!


Fisher is on the RTC, as well as Tank....they are saying Europe was exchanging all day and they are just waiting on the 800 numbers....wow.


IF the London thing is true, kbUK should know about it and perhaps tell us tomorrow. For now, I'll wait a bit to get excited.


Isn't fisher one of those crazy high zim rate people?


GM. Mnuchin speaking live foreign currency, tax reform. Fox Bus live.


Seriously doubt if there's any meat there for dinarland to fantasize over. But I could be wrong.


Does anyone here know anyone in the Admirals Group that can verify if they have received their email


Maji I have 2 friends in it and they have received nothing as of this morning.


anybody seen Dedar lately.....we need to see if anything is happening in Australia (and London!) as reported....anyone else here from those places? Wiz, I see your post now....great minds think alike I guess! ha


I pray Europe is really exchanging . Nevertheless we will be very soon !!!


Did admin say anything?




Somebody PM kbUK and Dedar and find out what's what over there today.


Nothing going on in the UK that I'm aware of. Waiting for 800 numbers just like you guys


I have no news updates. If I hear anything ... I will post. ..even if it's just a big smile x




Verobeach1000 wrote
41m ago
 hard to respect someone who has constantly mis lead people


Oh I know it is coming but just not when... Like everyone else,,, :0)


Yes I guess we had to get tortured for a little bit cause the reward is beyond anything we could iof dreamed of like signing up to win the lottery knowing the pay off !!!!!


If anything, for Ramadan, people would be buying gifts, donating new dinars. So they need to get their economy going ASAP. IMO


I thought that Bruce isn't doing calls on Thursday anymoe as of last Tues nite....




Trump will not be stopping in Iraq but will be meeting with the leaders of the ME in Saudi Arabia. This is a 1st in History. The ME has been at war with each ither for thousands of years. EID is 3 days of celebration following Ramadan


Tool a straight up question ok. Do you think this is still a speculation or real? I know you have talked to a few people. If you don't want to answer that's fine. I respect your thoughts.


weneedit very real, just timing and crap that we do not see or will ever know about. the mosul thing that is supposed to go down tomorow probably wont happen until next week. we wait, but i am still being told to just hang on its coming.

weneedit the rate will be the issue.....i will need to send a pm on that one.....it will be good but not what is thought to be. i will put something together and send it .....i have to go to a little league playoff game now


BE. The U.K. Report is BS. Confirmed BS. Deliberate misinformation. IMO


Hi friends !❤️ I am sooooo sick of fake news ! Is this ride over ? I want to get off ..


Looks like another week end. Weeks just flying by

We have to fight to keep positive and know it's coming but geez there is no where to turn . Glad we have each other to bi--- too . Lol


The exchange report is bs. the guy who put it out is the same who puts out (some) of those crazy zim rates. and the other guy with thim called it a few months ago and told people to call the bank and started a frenzy. remember that? Neither source is credible

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