Friday, May 5, 2017


Were is Blue wolf intel posted????

It was just a sign that said - high alert

off to my work out session.... then I a lot of people to see today! I sent out an email to some people I knew and they are very interested in the Bitqyck business. They have businesses. If I get a chance to stop by the middle Eastern cafe today I will try to get some updates.

This was supposed to happen next week 7 years ago when i got into it.  amazing we are still here.

But we know it's coming

Have any of you heard of Dr Todd? He was supposedly involved in putting this all together i think.
I first heard him on Tony's call years ago. It used to be on youtube but i can't find it now. All would be encouraged by listening if i could find it again.

it would be great if I could find some of my own contacts... ive tried but people think i wear a tinfoil hat
I have had a bank manger tell me that the rv comes up in their weekly call with the "cash management prople" but they haveno clue of timing. I followed up with the same manager a month later and she looked at me like a confused puppy and said she knew nothing about it... I cant figure out which time she lied but one of the responces was obviously a lie

I'm listening to Bruce!! I need some positive, uplifting words... even if it's not tonight!

i dont fly much bt im 6 ft 6 and i dont fit in a commercial jet 3 across. i have a jet card that prepays private flight and it really works great. give 24 hours notice and where you want to be picked up...easy

I look forward to seeing a bunch of you along the next chapter of life. It will be interesting when & where but I bet we will be easily detected.. Smile
Tool, another kind of 'sniff test' lol. I'm a couple of blocks from the Ritz Carlton, ya think a few will be visiting around town?

splash nice, probably. last ritz i wasat i met a good friend of mine in marina del rey.......he had just won the masters.....tiger woods. back in 97 i think

If I didn't know better and we didn't have Admin and had to go by these gurus I would never believe in this . ..

And THAT'S why we are so grateful to the grounded people like Admin

Empty barrels make the most noise

True Olfart ! Gee I feel weird calling u that !?

@Halo .... Why i am old, served my country, raised my children, am dysing of Cancer with my head held high. I am an an old washed out farat that is enjoying his borrowed days !! NUFF said

GOD is very good, even to rascals like me. He gives my sorry ass enough food, enough Rye Whiskey a place to sleep, a place to Worship and a good laugh now and then ... Especially when I read the G uru 's and their blather

Hello all another disappointing Bruce call. BTW, My connection with the surgeon was a recommendation for surge Going to get a second opinion next week I know. In any case it will have to wait until after the RV..

Fusion of the vertebrate in my neck

Oh dear Ted did they try lazers ?

Ted did you try Boomer? Smile

TED, did you see a chiropractor?

Was advised not to do so due to the nerve placement could end up paralized if my head is turned to wrong way.

I have been trying to get this problem taken care of since May 10 2016 when I got hit from the rear in my truck pushing my head through the back window.

TED, talk with dydc and get his opinion. If seeing a good chiropractor, he/she might can keep you out of surgery.

Ted: That is what I know as well. Should not have chiropractic work for a cervical herniation

I have been reading about some stem cell work being done but not in this country and very expensive. It will require me to leave the USA for several weeks while going through the process of regenerating my stem cells.

Wait Ted u will be able to afford it .

TED maybe you can do that if the blessing comes soon!

Yes Ted you will be able to afford it soon...can't give you a date though at this point but it is imminent as it has been for the past few years

It is a n island country some where and I can't think of the place right now.

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