Sunday, May 21, 2017


Here we go again another weekend is upon us and many mixed messages are churning around with the RV going done from any minute to early next week. Here again time will prove it out one way or the other as to which side or team has hit it right. Well as for me and I am sure with many others in our group I just want to get this thing on the road again so maybe I can get back on the road again.

No, I know what you are thinking, not back on the road again with my music and my friends like old Wailing Willie and if you don’t know who that is, I will pray for you.:0) Kind of reminds me of the good old days with Gerry M. and his Blue Moon. I bought a six pack of Blue Moon and then swore not to drink it until after the RV. Needless to say that six pack is long gone now.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, now I know you must be concerned about me for bringing my own personal opinions and mixing the with my request for your intervention with the timing of the RV, But it does give me a moment to clear my mind before talking with you about this wonderful bunch of WSOMN people I call myself representing. I speak alone now but I speak for all.

Lord, help us in these coming days as we wait for the moment we all get to rid ourselves from that evil voice in the back of our minds that mocks us by injecting doubt and despair into our minds. Each time we feel the end is within our grasp, something else is put in front of us and forces us though another period of discouragement. Lift our fears and give us a rest filled sleep. Amen and Amen.

Good night my Brother from another Mother Snake. going to hit the sack for now.


IKO - Even though we disagreed on many things I still want to acknowledge Art for his service over the years. Best in all things, and thanks.


Mister Moonshine
Who is Art?



He has been on many calls through the years as an Intel provider


Mister how about Cap1? There have been many so called gurus.


IKO and Art were on calls together


Art is a good guy

A gentleman


Looks like we lost 3-4 mbrs since yesterday.


News Alert - Dinar cannot leave Iraq - major changes coming from a Currency Exchange From Exchange America

It was read on OM- by Catnip who sourced that exchange, hot off the press. Catnip got the message as an email notification


Quote from Xchange of America: A major disruption has occurred on the borders of Iraq not allowing the Iraqi Dinar to leave the country. The result of this will be higher prices in the marketplace (which could be very volatile) effective immediately Uncirculated dinar is almost impossible to obtain anymore. We are suggesting to our customers to buy Circulated or whatever we can get our hands on. Remember, it’s all currency and can be exchanged at any time.


I remember Admin a while back saying that Tank did a lot of work and brought in good info . I think the problem is that lots of fake info was given even to them for various reasons and they just reported it . It's time now that that is over and I believe the information given by him is real .

From DinarInc, "...Uncirculated dinar is almost impossible to obtain anymore. We are suggesting to our customers to buy Circulated or whatever we can get our hands on...."

We got the Xchange memo also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heading to the exchange center to see what is going on and maybe buy something

Waiting in line now




Ok went to buy some dinar and was only able to get one note that's all they had said it been really hard to get it


Thanks for the confirmation 006...we must be close!!


So where is the 800#? Or can we exchange our dinar at bank now?


Dss, the dinar hasnt revalued yet

but we are assuming it is close


23 dollars


for a 25K note






Surely there is more information out there besides the "major disruption" notice. I have seen that one posted several times today.


This comes as no surprise ! We knew it would dry up !!!!


Washington appoints new commander of its forces in Iraq 05/20/2017 14:32:56


DRDRJCC: do you personally know Tank?


dri, I have communicated with him on several occasions.


I have spoke on the phone with Tank as well and he flat out told me false info on a major group I am high up in. That was right before he got booted from here. After that I never bothered speaking to him again. For what it's worth.

But I am loving everything that is going on and very hopeful we are there!!


Stop bashing, it is not allowed in here.


Not bashing. FACT!!


Sub, So what is your take on the situation. Do you really feel this is about to be over?


sleek I gave up listening to all the people that get the same info, but reading everything actually happening in Iraq I think they will go, and hopefully very very soon. I haven't been this upbeat on this in years

The next couple weeks will be very interesting, to say the least.


Sub, I know some believe Iraq has little to do with the release, but I pray your intuition is right for all our sakes and sanit


sleek me too. I never believed anything could happen until Iraq showed they can take care of themselves. And that appears to be the case now.

plus 10 years in this is more than enough! lol

Sub, It's hard to believe one little country could hold this whole global process up, but stranger things have happened. I have known about this for longer than ten years but only have been invested going on five.

Subprimeguru wrote
35m ago
sleek it's for sure not just them. That I agree with, but I believe a lot of the holdup has been the occupation of Isis and them showing they could protect themselves. If value raised and Isis got a hold of a bunch of Dinar they would be too funded to stop. IMO
Sleekrose wrote
32m ago
Sub, That is a good point that has been mentioned by others, and I agree is a factor. I guess we have no other choice but to continue to wait



Seemed a bit cryptic so I consulted Google.

It means that a situation (the game) is already happening, underway, or being prepared (afoot) -- that is, the game is on. Synonyms for "afoot" Originally from Shakespeare's King Henry IV Part I (1597): "Before the game is afoot, thou still let'st slip." Also in King Henry V » Act 3.


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