Tuesday, May 23, 2017

When You Least Expect It" - TANK 5/23/17


• I least expect it in the day time today. 

• I least expect that Zimbabwe reintroducing their currency is the only currency announcement that we need. 

• I least expect that they've kept me up late every night for two years to slow me down knowing that it would always go in the day. 

• I least expect them to finally include us in the process because they knew we'd get to the point of absolute failure and right before we united to take action they'd let it go.

• I least expect that Iraq announcing Mosul as being liberated was less of a military completion and was more about their currency being released as this was the tool keeping them in bondage.

• I least expected that Netanyahu would be forced to cooperate and the two state solution was announced in Israel by Trump today in typical covert fashion as he endorsed Palestine, Islam, and repeated three times that Bibi wanted peace, instead of Bibi because Bibi could not be trusted. 

• I least expect this to be transparent at this point because Mercury has gone direct and everything has literally aligned with the stars.

• I least expect 1 trillion dollars in student loans being discharged is a sign that the fiat dollar has collapsed, we have a new gold backed currency and NESARA has arrived. 

• I least expect to live happily ever after starting today.

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