Saturday, May 13, 2017

RayRat Update: Weekend UPDATE for May 13, 2017

Updates from Iraqi TV since our Wednesday TNT conference call....
Wednesday Night
Military leaders on TV today still saying that the goal is to have Mosul liberated by Ramadan.

The formal announcement for the total liberation of Mosul should be between the 15th and 19th of May. We "should" see the RV either right before 26 May or doing Ramadan which starts on the 26 May. That's what is being said in Iraq in the Mosques. The US banks are saying standby for something this week.

10 percent left to liberate and all ATM's are to be activated soon. More territory was liberated today. Parliament was in meetings and passing more laws.

Iraq stating deals done so that ATM's are now being placed in all post offices in Baghdad and surrounding provinces which will allow access to citizens MasterCards.

Iraq TV announced another district liberated today with 13 districts remaining and 2 more main bridges before full liberation is achieved

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