Friday, May 19, 2017

"Vietnam" - Geopolitical Overview , 19 MAY

The Vietnam War claimed 2 million civilians on both sides of the country's violent political history.

An estimated 1.1 million North Vietnamese soldiers died in battle and between 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers were also lost to the war.

In comparison, roughly 60,000 American soldiers died during the United States' involvement in the conflict.

The Vietnamese people were just protecting their homeland, while the western militaries were there to seed democracy and stop the spread of communism across Southeast Asia.

Or so the story is told in western history books. But the true motivation behind the Vietnam War--and all wars in Southeast Asia--was not some righteous military stand for political ideology, rather, it was the capture of governments that controlled the natural resources of the land.

That is why all wars are waged in the end--control of natural resources--because every government and ideology comes and goes over time, but the mountains, rivers and oceans always remain.

Still unknown due to western media propaganda is that Vietnam is actually well endowed with natural mineral resources, including untold amounts of unmined, in-ground assets that are incredibly lucrative and have yet to be developed.

Vietnam’s list of natural resources consist of coal, phosphates, rare earth elements, bauxite, chromate, copper, gold, iron, manganese, silver, liquified natural gas deposits, timber, hydropower and exotic hydrocarbons.

For this reason, Russia and China are today the major investors in Vietnam and the western world is no longer allowed to own a majority of property or land in Southeast Asia.



As far as the Vietnamese currency is concerned (Dong or Dollar), some global banks are changing their policies now expecting all of Asia to implement a gold backed currency revaluation soon.

The Dong is anticipated to becoming asset backed with their own natural resources in May, and will join a growing movement globally to creating a new / old gold baseline for determining fair value.

Currently, the Vietnamese economy has transformed into a cheap but reliable manufacturing hub for the world. But the Dong is still undervalued from the Vietnam War era ($22,700 VND to $1.00 USD).

With an updated gold monetary policy, commitment to mining natural resources, strong manufacturing sector and reset of the nation's currency, Vietnam is poised to take the next step and both breakout on the international economic stage, as well as diplomatically erase some of the horrors of their violent past.

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