Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Yada:  in the Bigger scheme of things, we are about to see our part in lieu of the liberation of Mosul while the WB , IMF along with CBI initiated their reforms, at each level, which include the lower denoms appearing in the Iraqi banks followed by the released international rate or RV of the dinar

Mangelo:   This is getting so close to our blessings : it's coming!! Excited…… I am pumped….Great things have happen and that means we are very close......

Mangelo:  This is what I got..... my friend told me a group of whales exchanged their dinar on Sunday. it was confirmed, by a relative who leaked it out.they where to keep quite. the relative didn't have has much as a whale but she has been told they are next.....so lets see what happens for us by Thursday!!!  Exchanges have been going on.....this is a slow roll out ...... that's imo

Elmerf123456:  Supposedly there is a rumor going around that there was a possibility of Okie coming on Bruce's call tonight with a possible announcement I personally spoke to Okie just a minute ago and he said that's the first time he heard anything about that so that is exactly what it is it's a rumor....

Most of you all timers out there you know that Okie and I speak regularly and if he has something to say he will let me know first he does not post and Skype does not do calls and he does not go into any chat rooms any longer because of all the impostors and so forth we have an agreement that if he's got something to say I certainly will let you know to his legitimacy

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