Tuesday, May 2, 2017



NetGlobal:  GM TNT. I am hearing that the final push is now underway in Old Mosul. We may have Mosul done by the weeks end.

Yada:  Netglobal,,in agreement with you,,read several dialog regarding how this came to be past last friday and although we could of seen this by the 30th,,the practicality into this week leaves everyone content with getting what they want out of this with us exchangers benefiting from it all

REI:  my thoughts are until Mosul is done, health care, tax reform and repatriation of trillions to the usa, we will not see it....great way to hide it and the money we will be bringing to the table, that should do it....jmho but I know it is happening any nano-second....for over 7 years now.

Yada: that is a long list REI,,more issues with the US for Iraqi RV than Iraqi,,

REI:  only a fool would think the usa is not involved and pulling the strings

Yada:  REI,,,they are involved with the process but doesnt include our budget, taxes and healthcare issues to RV a currency in Iraq

REI:  yada, I am saying it is just a way to 'mask' the huge influx of money

Yada:  REI,,,understand the influx of money,,,we have a media to gloss over that for the many citizens who are not invested,,,,hope reality sets in for those who rejected this and know where it came from

There was a law established that stated we couldnt go over but who made the laws? Congress,,,they still went over it,,,,It's intent was to say to the world and creditors that we pay our bills,,the money extended was how much more WE Will

Yada:  For what is it worth,,the RV is a new value of money that we will use to spend ,,,even if our government was to receive the money to pay off our debt,,they couldnt and wouldnt,,

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Making Afghanistan Great Again https://bv.ms/2pPJkkm

Phantom809:  Business Iraq to rebuild infrastructure through five year plan post ISIS -- http://www.rudaw.net/english/business/01052017 --

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil prices fall as US and Libya output gains outweigh OPEC, Russia cuts http://www.cnbc.com/id/104440360

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