Saturday, May 20, 2017


Freeway2:  This is a copy of e-mail I received from xchangeofamerica.  A major disruption has occurred on the borders of Iraq not allowing the Iraqi Dinar to leave the country. The result of this will be higher prices in the marketplace (which could be very volatile) effective immediately. Uncirculated dinar is almost impossible to obtain anymore. We are suggesting to our customers to buy Circulated or whatever we can get our hands on. Remember, it’s all currency and can be exchanged at any time.

Daz: xchangeofamerica.com…. personally i think the "scirmish" thingy is a smoke screen that lines up with the typical typical news we have gotten for years. we always knew they would shut down slaes in some manner when the time comes. uncirculated must be ordered from the cbi...circulated could still be remnants remaining in stock at dealers...we'll see

Ecubucs:  Received from a close friend Thursday... What they have in stock is what they have to sell for now!
Dinara:  I think what has already come to the dealers in the USA has been accounted for and they don't want any more sold at the last minute do to the fact that every dinar sold from a dealer is accounted for. When I bought dinar a few years ago then all of a sudden I was prechecked for security when flying. My friend also. That is not coincidence.

Daz:  tony and dc said years ago the plan was to close the border to exit of physical currency

MotorCityGuy:  IQD is not longer listed for sale at Travelex, and is specifically listed as one they are not buying at this time. At this time, we don't buy Argentinian Pesos (ARS), Cuban Pesos (CUP) or Iraqi Dinar (IQD), along with some other currencies.

G8way2K: That email from Exchange of America did everything to back up the good reports we've been hearing, IMO.

Briona:   With the new banking regulations both here and in Iraq, ISIS will find it very difficult to move currency around.

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