Tuesday, May 9, 2017


No2iaa:  My aunt just went to WF in a southern state and saw the screen rate on DONG as 3.999. She tried to exchange and the numbers reverted back. Teller acknowledged that the DONG will be much higher than the final .000??? number that showed up…. She just called all excited and might try going back later…. just thought I would share. Cool to have a bank story from someone I know.

JLW:  no2iaa: did you mean 3.99 Dong = 1 USD?

N2iaa:  Yes…. She asked for the rate on the dong and it said 1 equals 3.99 (her translation)

Rrrr:  RV gifts are all around, Just close your eyes. let them abound. Just let go… let go of your mind. Watch as we PIF all mankind. The sky seems more blue. The trees seem more green. The breeze feels so comforting. The air smells so clean…. Now open your eyes and take comfort in knowing, The RV is coming…. Earth’s future is Glowing!

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