Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Eccle519:  I hope the Maliki news is true...leaving Iraq for med reasons. All Abadi has to do now is issue an arrest warrant like Maliki did to Shabibi and he will never come back

Queensea:  Eccl519 if Maliki is leaving it's a great sign we are there

Briona:  I am sure Maliki finally saw the writing on the wall and exited before he gets executed.

JerseyBoysFaninMN:  Recent text from Iko Ward: "A legit dealer where I got all of my Zim has never solicited. Now three times in the past week. All manner of lower denoms. Why now? Do the math." So I'm thinking the dealer can't get the larger (trillion and million) notes anymore so is trying to get rid of the lower ones? Your thoughts?

JerseyBoysfaninMN: I'm hoping that means we're at the end of the end of the end of this thing and the dealer is trying to get rid of what he has left.

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