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TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 5/20/17

(Notes by Adept1):

TNT Call notes 19-May-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Friday, May 19, 2017, with RayRat98 at the controls, and I am celebrating a birthday today. 

With expectations and things that we have heard, today’s tweet message said it all: “what is on the horizon?” What will materialize, even today? Earlier, we were hearing an expectation of the full liberation of Mosul being announced officially by the 19th, which is today. Up until now, we have heard of districts being liberated in the old city of Mosul. Earlier in the week, we heard about nine districts being left, then five, and right now I don’t know how many are left to be liberated, if any. We hope that today they will release the information they want to be released to the public. There is a public and a private side to every reality. We need to the public side to step forth. 

PM Abadi had put out that there would be a big celebration after the announcement, and of course what that celebration is about is subject to interpretation – liberation, economic reform, reconciliation, revaluation of the currency, the use of lower denominations and fils. That remains to be seen, but there seem to be preparations for that celebration tomorrow. At 6am this morning, even the press were at the mosques, which is not the normal situation. Could it be everything was on target to the last minute and then there was a shift or change? I don’t know. There was information about individual districts and mosques, but we are still awaiting confirmation. Those are all signs of progress. The CBI is not replenishing currency to the dealers, although we are still checking on that. It’s all lining up, even though we don’t have the smoking gun to say it’s all actual and factual. Hopefully we’ll hear more before the sun goes down, on that and also the expectation that lower denominations are in the ATMs. Either it will happen or it won’t, and we’re good either way.  https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/tax/legacy/2009/03/11/RRenfrow_Order.pdf

Banking: they are still right there with us, with high expectations. I did get some information that I’m still receiving data on, and I’m sharing it in advance. Don’t panic if there is a major shakeup in the banking process – that is still positive for us. There is nothing to worry about.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Ray, we decided a long time ago that we will not leave any of our currency with a bank to have them send it out someplace for verification of authenticity. I guess my trust level is really low, concerning banks. When they tell us “yes, it is authentic” I am thinking we should have them put that in writing. Is that something you are going to do?
A: Yes, 100%.

Q: Do you still plan on starting the negotiation for the rate of the ZIM at 3 digits?
A: Yes.

Q: We have always heard that the Banks will charge an exchange fees, Do you feel like this, may be negotiable on our first visit If we have a large amount to exchange. If not on the exchange visit, any suggestions on the 2nd visit with the wealth advisors?
A: This is a business transaction, and all business transactions are subject to negotiation. I would rather negotiate than not try at all.
Q: in your opinion, they will be exchanging the 500 Million notes?
A: I sure hope so, because quite a few of you have those notes. The information we were given is that the 100 trillion and 50 trillion zim notes were the ones of interest. Members have reported that their bankers say all the notes will be exchangeable. As for deleting zeros, I really don’t know, and I don’t have any official information pertaining to that, so we patiently wait and see what happens.

Q: Dc said long ago that there were 3 million dinarians with an average of 200k dinars. If you assume a $4 exchange rate that is 600 billion x 4 or 2.4 trillion dollars demand within hours of the release of a public RV. Since the Internet reports that there are 100-200 billion barrels of oil in Iraq, that means there is a maximum life of 1 trillion US supply at 50 dollars per barrel. Thus the lifetime supply of oil will not supply the demand for dollar and oil is not traded in dinar. Will there ever be a demand for a ten cent dinar let alone a 3 dollar dinar while so much dinar exists outside the country? [This member has a bee in his bonnet; he has challenged RayRen on this before.]
A: That’s a loaded question; we’ll just have to wait and see how this works out.

Q: Any news on President Trumps meeting with the Iraqi delegate today or tomorrow?
A: No news on that.

Q: Do you think there is room to negotiate on the dong, more than .47 cents?
A: Nothing beats a failure but a try.

Live Q and A

NY caller: I want to put half of what I get in a trust, just in case there are taxes; is there a non-interest-bearing trust? [Appreciation]

RayRen: A trust is an entity, like a corporation. Any interest is about a bank account, not the entity as such. Call the bank and ask if their trust accounts carry interest. An when we say ‘the last call’, we mean the last call in the pre-RV period.

865/404 caller: Do the Iraqi ATMs operate the same as we do in the US, 24/7?

RayRen: I don’t know. If you receive the information that ATMs have been preloaded but people are not getting the lower denominations, then presumably someone needs to turn a switch somewhere, and theoretically they should be switched on Saturday.

Caller: Many folks hold a variety of currencies, and think about only exchanging a certain portion in hopes that rates will rise for at least a short time. Because this is a different type of exchange, will we be penalized if we do our exchange in phases?

RayRen: I don’t see any legal way to make us exchange it all at once; only the quantities are different, not the operation. The only problem is if there is a deadline before that currency is no longer valid… and we should be digitizing it anyway. That’s what I plan to do, anyway.

303 caller: The CBI got rid of the 50K note. Do you still communicate with DC? I would like to know how many dinarians he believes are out in the world, because there seems to be way too many dinar out in the world compared to the GNP of Iraq. [My computer crashed here, thank heavens.] The best thing is to turn in all our dinar so there is less dinar outside the country, so that we reduce the amounts floating around out there.

RayRen: You just contradicted yourself. There is a solution for all of us, and it is based on the scenario we are already on. You stay on yours, and we’ll see what works out. I’ll stick with the one that works for all of us, and until then I’m not going to make a change based on mathematical calculations where we don’t have all the details. I don’t like your solution, and I will look for a different solution that we can all like, and that is how we got to the place we are in right now. I will move on to the next caller now…

410 caller: Since we are on the cusp of this happening, is there any back wall date?

RayRen: I don’t have a new backwall date yet; everything is focused on this weekend going into next week. How much longer can it take to liberate 4.6 square miles of Mosul. That’s what Iraq says will bring out the lower denoms, revalution, etc.

Caller: Do you think there is any way the elite can keep this for themselves?

RayRen: They already have their slice of the pie; they cannot keep this back indefinitely. We the people will receive this, in public. I haven’t heard anything from the SKR holders that I know. We are all patiently waiting.

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donation page.

347 caller: [Appreciation]

415 caller: I went to the bank to see about PODs. My bank manager said that if I want to have my accounts Payable on Death, they do not, in fact, have to show up in person; I just need to give the bank ways to identify them, such as their address, a copy of their driver’s license, etc. For each person you have down as a POD, you can have an additional $250,000 that would then be insured by the bank. So I can have a larger amount insured by the bank according to how many you have as POD.

312 caller: You said something at the beginning at the call about ‘what is next?’ because we have yet to hear the public announcement about the liberation of Mosul.

RayRen: That was a rhetorical question as we wait for the announcement. We are waiting for the lower denominations to be released tomorrow…

Caller: Surely the amount of insurance has nothing to do with the 250K per person named in a POD? The POD is just about being able to pass on the money in your account, not the amount in that account as such? Am I missing something??

RayRen: You are right; the whole concept of asset protection says that it won’t belong to you for long anyway, so the FDIC (and their insurance) is irrelevant. We don’t intend for those POD recipient to have that money because we intend to spend it anyway!

Caller: That insurance has to do with the bank collapsing, and I don’t see that happening with all this money flowing into the banks, right? Also, the fellow who is all concerned about the number of dinars, we’ve always been told that our dinar is not going back into Iraq anyway, so his concerns are not relevant either, are they?

RayRen: We’re in a wait-and-see mode anyway. If his theory works, we’ll find a solution for everyone, not just for a few people. I don’t think his theory is valid anyway, so I agree, I don’t think there is any point hanging onto these currencies.

423 caller: When they talk about liberating Mosul from ISIL, does that mean they are imprisoning the ISIL fighters or killing them?

RayRen: Probably a combination – they did make an offer of surrender. The public deal is that they are still going door to door.

Caller: When you talk about the banks, is that about the banks not being ready, or people not being trained?

RayRen: Well, possibly, but if so we will spring into action with a plan so that people are covered, so that they don’t panic. We are on top of this, and trying to get more detailed information so that IF it becomes a reality, we can deal with it. We are solution finders here on TNT – always look for the solution or remedy. Whatever happens will happen; our job is to have a solution or remedy ready for whatever happens. We are just waiting for that day when we can spring into action. Whether it’s a matter of five thousand, five million, or five billion, I’m cool, calm and collected. I just want to get off this ride so that I can get on the new one, because I know the next one will be smoother. I want to get off this roller-coaster, but I still like roller coasters – I just want the next one to be smoother. They didn’t do anything wrong, they just proved to us that we don’t matter to them, so our expectations and desires made it rougher. We came to this party uninvited, but we’re here, and I’ll probably be invited to the next party. I won’t be a wallflower, I’ll get on the floor and dance. This party was a learning experience, and many stood on the side and watched who was doing what. THEN you might get on the floor and mingle with the dancers. As you master the steps, you might be the first one out on the floor, knowing you won’t step on someone else’s toes.

386 caller: With the zim, IF they take six zeros off the trillions, three off the billions and none off the millions, then the notes would be worth the same… does that make sense?

RayRen: That’s what some people are saying; we’ll have to wait and see.

Caller: Remind me of what digitizing means?

RayRen: Digitizing means for a bank or brokerage house takes your physical currency and deposits it as it is, as that currency, so that it’s still in that currency form, without exchanging it. We have not found anywhere to do that in the US, yet. Then it’s on the bank books, and you can exchange it whenever you choose.

Caller: How will we know when/how to get into that second tier or party?

RayRen: I will send out a text/tweet invitation.

MD caller: A lot of times people don’t understand that there is so much wealth other than what we think of as the current system. There are collateral accounts with accumulated wealth from antiquity, such as the St Germaine Trust, and so on. I have done banking in the Far East, and many understand how they are supported by this money in collateral accounts. It didn’t’ happen; these things are planned. It’s a GLOBAL currency reset, and there is plenty of wealth in the earth. There are things people just don’t know are happening about this GCR.

932 caller: I came across an order about the armed forces in Iraq liquidating the ISIL fighters so that then cannot invade surrounding areas. Good news coming in…

210 caller: I’m hoping to coordinate a large purchase of IQD to buy some buildings; I told my contacts it needs to happen right now! We brought in some people in November, we put IQD into their hands, and they established an irrevocable trust. [Not understanding this caller] Common sense suggests that you set up your entities before any substantial assets show up in your hands. We might only have 24-48 hours to get this work done, so don’t slow down now! If you need insurance, use CDRS or Lloyds of London, or see what the bank suggests. I called my Chase branch manager where the trust is located, and to my shock, he said they would not have anything to do with dinar. At Chase in the same time, they don’t have anything to do with selling dinar. It all depends on who you talk to and what time of day. As for the folks I mentioned, some are now ill, and I suspect your recommendation would be to retrieve those IQD? The more currency you present at the bank, the more receptive they will be to offering contract rates; recently we have heard that those with smaller amounts may also have some access to contract rates, if they ask for them. Have you heard that? Also, can you say more about digitizing foreign currencies??

RayRen: Most of us holding currency have never been out of the country. If you took the dinar to Iraq, you could digitize it there – not exchange it – have it loaded on a debit card, and you could spend it over here. If we could get it digitized here in the US, we can spend it without trying to convert it to US dollars, because they would convert it at the point of purchase. Iraqis with cards can use their cards at Walmart to buy things right now, and that is what we want to do with our currencies now. Because we cannot digitize foreign currency in the US without exchanging, we have to wait. But we should follow that simple process so that we can make money when we are able to convert our money from one form to another. We don’t even have to purchase things in US dollars, if we are traveling; we just have to have money they will accept. We should be able to go anywhere and spend international currencies such as dong, dinar, even zim. We see people in the US with credit cards based on their home currencies, no problem.

[my computer crashed again]

810 caller: Prior to the RV, do you think any of these currencies will increase value?

RayRen: Once the public RV has happened, and we look at the different currencies, we ask if any have the potential for growth. I think we are out of opportunities pre-RV. However, at various times, it seemed that dong, for instance, went up briefly, and it was possible to exchange some, and buy more currency, or buy stocks, or whatever.

Caller: I would like to digitize part of my currencies, and exchange part.

RayRen: Well, in the US, you have to exchange into US dollars before you can place any funds in your MCA.

Caller: According to my bank, I can set up an MCA that works with currencies that people use for businesses overseas.

RayRen: If they will do that, then great – IF they utilize the currencies you hold now.

Closing Statement

I’m feeling really good with what’s going on. They an only stretch this thing out so long, not that they are doing it TO us, but for their own reasons. All I can do is watch it take place and be ready. Full liberation and reconciliation are coming, eventually. We didn’t get the announcement this morning we expected; they are getting ready to celebrate tomorrow, and we’ll see if it is for what we’re looking for. Let’s see if the lower denoms are released tomorrow as well. Citizens are still reporting lower prices in Iraq; all I can do is share the information I receive from several sources. In the meantime, all we can do is hold on, knowing the day you are seeking is coming, and we are really ready.

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