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TNT Call notes 22-May-2017

TNT Call notes 22-May-2017 

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[Music: Pomp and Circumstance] RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, May 21 2017, with RayRat98 at the controls, if not for the last time on this side of the public release of the RV, I have the feeling we are super-super-close. [music] I’m feeling good today, and you should be feeling good as well. 

From across the pond, since last Friday (which was my birthday – thanks for the birthday greetings), we got everything leading up to the public release of the RV. The information let us know something good is about to happen, and part of that should be today and every day the rest of this week, just based on the information. 

We know preparations were underway for celebrations last Saturday, and PM did send out a tweet about the liberation of Mosul in the past tense, and said that economic reforms were being initiated. We heard that all their goals had been accomplished in the west of Mosul, and there were four districts left with less than 50% still having ISIL occupation. It’s almost impossible to be 100% liberated, but this is close enough. 

The CBI and dealers started putting up notices that no dinar is leaving the country, mainly aimed at three zero notes. Fils and lower denominations were supposed to flow on Sunday. 

We have two phases of intel and contacts. One phase reassures me that this is real and things are going to happen, and then they do. The other phase tells me what things have actually happened. So one tells us what will happen, and phase B tells me what has happened. http://www.leagle.com/decision/20091289612avfsupp2d677_11242/U.S.%20v.%20RENFROW

Did the lower denominations comes out? There has been no reference to that, but this is not an exact science, just what should be taking place. Right up through today, prior to this call, 97% of Mosul is liberated – that’s public information. 

You heard the private intel on that last week. How much of an issue is 3%? They are bringing the citizens back to western Mosul to set up their businesses and pick up the pieces. At Rafi Bank, there is an article about issuing bills for citizens right now, to get this done and make it effective in their accounts. 

Could this be the lower denoms? Over here we have credit and debit cards; what do we generally go to ATMs for? Cash, for pocket change; anything larger, we buy with a card. Now the Iraq system is issuing cards rather than checks or cash all the time. What is the need to now go to ATMs in banks and post offices? Then the bank is issuing deals to the citizens with reference to this week sometime. 

My best info tells me that lower denoms did come out in some provinces yesterday, but the plan is for them to gradually disperse throughout the week, wrapping up this coming weekend, at the edge of Ramadan. The Rafi Bank deals should be underway right now. As for the banking community, bank folks are quiet, although they are still excited and waiting. 

There is scuttlebutt, but I won’t speak on that until it is confirmed; I am beginning to think it’s not true. If it does come out and if it is major, we’ll send out a tweet or have another call. It will be positive. I have a new assignment for all TNT members: some members have been helpful letting us know they are exchanging Iraqi dinar at the low rates, and we have a new development.

I urge Verification, Negotiation, and Diversification. Verification is about having the bank verify your currency while you are there, not having to send it away to be verified. You want to know that it is what it is, not to have the bank come back to you later and say that some was missing or counterfeit. 

The best way to prevent that is to go to an institution that will verify it on the spot, and give you a receipt to assure you of that. So I gave you all the assignment to find the banks in your area that exchange foreign currencies, and which ones verify on the spot. Some are having difficulty finding banks that verify in your presence; they exchange currency, but have to send off the currency before funding your account. The new assignment, therefore, is for those who know of a bank in your area that will verify your currency on the spot, please send me an email with the subject “bank that verifies” and give me the name, city, state, and telephone number of that bank. 

We will compile a national list so that if you are having difficulty finding such a bank, we will post it on the website. We will also post the banks that exchange Iraqi dinar. So if you can’t find a bank that will verify in your area, you can check our list, and go to the bank nearest to you that will verify on site. If the bank verifies it, then you don’t have to worry about something happening after the bank sends it off for verification. So if you get that information, please email it to me, with ‘bank verification’ in the subject line: RayRen98@aol.com

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: My concern now is our safety to exchange. Giving out 800# and setting appointments to go to bank or exchange center in the night and secretly. Perfect scene to check our id and currency and claim it is counterfeit and arrest us and put us in a bus to a FEMA camp, and keep our real valuable currency and we disappear. I think a first mouse needs to be aware and check in with a code to let the rest of us mice know that it is not a trap for us. I would feel better if it was not done in secret and above board just like transparency. Could you talk about this some? 

A: Anyone who has reservations about doing something at night, don’t do it! If you have a concern about winding up in a FEMA camp, let someone know where you are going – you don’t have to tell them you are doing an exchange. Sure, we’re counting on the first mouse to come back and share their basic experience, so that the second mouse wave (and third mouse) knows what to expect. The network will handle that and make sure that the first line comes back and reports what was asked and shared. 

Q: What does STRETCHING it out mean? 

A: I think my opening statements covered that: the lower denoms should be passed out all during this week. We are looking for this thing to end by Ramadan, and hope many will do the happy dance well before Saturday. 

Q: My question is kind of POST RV related. How much do you know about the insurance industry to understand if when we exchange and the UST exchanges as well. Can Insurance companies survive (best guess I know) the future collapse of US and maybe the world economies. 

[RR: Sure they can survive.] 

I plan on buying into a Chartable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) for about 10 year period of payouts. Needless to say my overall plan is to have several money preservation plans working concurrently as well. 

A: It’s better to have a plan than to be victim of a plan. 

Q: Could you explain how to figure what the going rate is on a currency? How do we do it? Where do we go to see what the rate is? 

A: Currency converter sites and the banks will tell you about the rates when you call them for an appointment. There are different rates depending on whether you are buying from them or selling to them. The BUY rates should be the same, no matter what the bank or the currency site. 

Q: I see there were some dinarians who had relatives in England saying that England is exchanging. They are at least partially liquid as they were able to wire money out of the country to the USA over the weekend. Have you heard any confirmations of this? 

A: No, I have heard nothing from the 20,000 members of TNT about relatives in England or exchanging in England. 

Q: I heard that last week Brazil’s currency crashed. Would this be a good investment at this time, or perhaps another leveraging opportunity? 

A: I wasn’t aware of that – definitely to look into, but not pre-RV. Any spare money I have is going to foreign currency purchases. 

Q: Will the RV happen while the President is out of the country? 

A: I have no idea. 

Q: There seem to be conversations on the Internet stating that the UK, Australia, and other European countries have already begun to exchange. Do you know if this is true? If so, why does it start from over there? Is that what you were talking about by stating in your tweet “stretching it out”? 

A: I think we have addressed “stretching it out’, from Sunday to next Saturday. I don’t know of any other countries exchanging dinar at any but the lowest rates, so I’m not putting any faith in that. 

Q: My question is about credit cards. We believe we will be receiving a credit card when we do our exchange or after. I know we should not spend our money and just watch it grow. So that being said, do we use those credit cards and not our money and when paying the bill do we pay it off every month or not? 

A: Well, we have to do some mathematical calculations with respect to what you want to buy. Credit cards are about convenience, not as a tool of affordability. We might have had to do that because we didn’t have money upfront. Credit cards are a tool for convenience, so pay the bill every month lest you get hit with interest, and end up with more debt load than assets.

 Q: Ray, a few weeks ago a woman wrote to you that she had exchanged some kind of currency at a Chase bank. She, and three employees, all counted it before it was sent off for verification. The verification site said their count was wrong, and deducted some amount from her deposit, and she had no recourse but to accept that count, and the loss of some her money from the account. In Kansas City, neither B of A, or WF, have on-site De la Rue machines or verification. Both say they must send currencies to another location. The obvious question is: do you know of anything we can do to prevent this from happening? 

A: Yes – go to some other bank. We have to get this through our skulls, that we won’t always be able to take care of things down the street. You might have to go to another town or even another state to get things done the way you want them to be done. Which is more important: convenience or satisfaction? 

Q: Are you aware of any revalued rate currency exchanges happening in other countries for Dinar, Dong, Zim, or others? 

[RR: No.] 

Do you believe that there is some kind of a roll out that is going from country to country? 

A: I have not heard of any such thing, although I do know there are some private exchanges, in every country. I have not heard of any such plan, and don’t believe that there is such a plan. It doesn’t make sense to me. If there were exchanges in other countries, I would have told you, and if I’m not saying it, don’t ask me to respond to it. 

Q: Anything new in the Gazette? 

A: I have got reports of laws being passed in the Iraqi parliament, but don’t know if they relate to the RV. 

Q: How are you preparing for life post-RV? 

A: I’m not preparing myself – I’m ready. I will exchange, get the best deal I can get, negotiate everything including the lighting and temperature in the room, so we can get on that negotiating stream before we get to the important stuff. I will meet with professional people about investments, and find out what the banks have to offer. That doesn’t mean I will jump on their offers; I will ask questions and learn. I’m not in a rush to spend any money or to invest: I will look at things, wait and see, and in the meantime let the bank play with what is on deposit to generate some revenue as I see who is offering what. What gives a good return? What has longevity? What is tax-secure? I’ll let my professional team advise me on all that. 

Live Q and A
423 caller: You have been saying for the last couple of weeks that it looks like this is coming, right? PM Abadi did announce that the economic reforms are coming as soon as Mosul is liberated, right? So is it liberated, or is there a bit more? 

RayRen: Based on what I have shared with you all, Mosul is basically liberated, because the little bit that’s still exists is not a major element – it can’t be if they are bussing people back into the city. There are bad neighborhoods in the US! I do think it’s a done deal, especially with the lower denominations coming out. I am telling you some information with impact, if you are listening correctly. 

Caller: I would think it would all come out at once, boom! 

RayRen: That is what we excpect, because there is no way something financial would happen in New York, and it would be in California within minutes. Iraq is three nations trying to be one nation; we are ‘one nation under God’. They are still working on that, with some bad leaders, corruption, and favoritism. 

Caller: Do you think it will happen before Ramadan? 

RayRen: Their military leaders say they want to get this wrapped up before Ramadan, and I think that has basically happened. The news is only about little skirmishes, but the city as a whole is liberated. Are you going to take on the homework assignment? 

Caller: I don’t have a bank in my area that exchanges dinar, so… 

RayRen: We’ll end up with a whole other list. We’ve started something, and the banks are listening, so they might well all jump on board. 

407 caller: Maybe I didn’t hear — was something said about Abbot Downing and Zim? 

RayRen: There was some rumtel about that, but we have members who have got letters from Abbot Downing saying they are not taking part in the exchange. 

Caller: All my currency was given to me; I do have gifting letters. Also, this morning, just before I got on the line, I got word from a little bank – the First Green Bank – and they have just been certified as one of nine banks in Florida for being supportive of green and humanitarian projects. Go to the website www.Bthechange.com and have a look – they could be a great resource for us. 

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donation page. 

865/404 caller: There have been a flurry of banners on the Iraqi television screens… 

RayRen: I just assumed it died down because they are not reporting it, or because it’s been there for days, they don’t think twice about it now. Caller: As for the time issue, this afternoon the UN Security Council about the Iraqi situation; how critical is that this ends up being the last report Unami presents to the Security Council? Is this relevant or just a formality? 

RayRen: I assume it’s a formality, not significant for what we’re looking for. 

718 caller: Are Zim included or not? 

RayRen: To my knowledge, they are included. 

Closing Statement 

We had an exciting weekend of information and updates; now we are waiting to get an update on Iraq, where it is now evening. I’m waiting for more about lower denoms in the provinces, and Rafi Bank releasing bills to the citizens. My information indicates they will be doing that today. 

I will let you know if anything striking comes out. We have every expectation of this wrapping up by Ramadan, although I don’t have anything about being in the bank before Ramadan. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help me put together this database on banks that verify ANY foreign currency on site. 

We need to know who verifies on location. Send me an email with the banks’ name, city, state, and telephone number, and we will post that list on the website. We already have the list of 46 banks that exchange Iraqi dinar, and will post that. 

Make sure to put ‘bank verification’ in the subject line, because I get hundreds of emails and I want to make sure to see it. Please do NOT add anything else to that particular email so that we can get this information together as quickly as possible. 

Then if members cannot find one in their area, we will all have a list from which we can pick and choose. That way, we can all be assured that our currency is good to go, on the spot. Meanwhile we wait for the light to go green and you can go down to the bank, if you choose. The first mouse will go; the second mouse will wait until the time is right. 

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