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TNT Call notes 17-May-2017

TNT Call notes 17-May-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Wednesday, May 17, 2017, with RayRat98 at the controls. It’s going to be a very long call… three hours at least… so I hope you have your favorite beverage to hand. Actually, it will be a short session as far as intel is concerned. The Map of Mosul is showing all green apart from the very core of the old city, and the mosque where they plan to plant the flag. There’s only 4.6 square miles to liberate. Abadi says a major celebration is coming after they release the details of the liberation of Mosul.

That’s Iraq. As far as the RV/GCR is concerned, some banks are changing policies with respect to dong; before you paid before ordering then picked it up, now you pay when you pick it up because the rates may have changed.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Of course we are all waiting with baited breath for the “official” announcement that Mosul has been fully liberated. My question is…how soon after the announcement has been made do you “believe” or in your best guest (based on what your sources have told you) that we will see the full public release of the RV??
A: My best guess is ‘immediately’; I haven’t heard of any delays after the announcement is made.

Q: what is the name of a wealth advisor in a private bank that can negotiate a higher percentage such as 10%, or higher for savings perhaps for investment, too?
A: I don’t know. If anyone knows that, text it to me.

Q: Do you know if when we purchase our currency that the company that we get it from has to report our information, such as how much we bought and when??
A: Yes, I’m pretty sure there has been some reporting back; those who need to know, know that you purchased currency.

Q: I set up a few entities several years back for the RV. With the rising cost of fees to maintain these entities, it has caused great financial distress/burden. The renewal fee on one entity is due in June 2017 (offshore); the other will be in January 2018 (NV LLC). My question to you is should I let both self-dissolve and just pay tax filing fees for the next two years. What is the best financial, taxes and asset protection course to take? The foreign currency is currently an asset of the LLC.
A: It looks like your LLC has plenty of time for planning; the one in June 2017, you can plan for that as well. It seems like you did something prematurely, and it has cost you financially. That’s why I’m always warning you not to jump the gun. If you let them lapse, you can always reset them after the RV.

Q: Have you been contacted yet about being one of the people to get and release 800 numbers when it’s time?
A: Officially, no.

Q: Can you share any information on the entities or structures that yield a high return (in or out of the bank) so that our money can immediately begin working with premium returns?
A: Nothing I can share at the moment.

Q: if the Zimbabwe currency is legit and convertible at RV, what is the contract rate and the regular rate going to be set at? Can we start at 1.00 with six zeros truncated?
A: You can start wherever you want, folks, and negotiate your hearts out.

Q: Do you expect, or have heard, if President Trump will be in Iraq on his visit to the Middle East?  
A: I haven’t heard anything official about his whereabouts.

Q: Do you think we will have to go to an appointment (i.e. exchange center) to get the contract rate? Or will we be able to go to our bank that exchanges currency and get the contract rate?
A: Probably either/or/both.

Q: Regarding non-statutory trust, is one of the benefits, is that the parties of the trust do not have the same compliance hurdles as parties of a statutory trust has in general?
A: That is the main benefit – no permission, no compliance rules.

Q: Re: Authentication prior to (or during) exchange: 2) I have been unable to locate a bank with a Delarue machine relatively nearby where I live in a rural area/SW Colorado. I would appreciate if you or anyone in CO, UT, NM, AZ has identified such a bank, that you please share OR pm me with information; 2) IF the exchange bank(s) only uses the “book” to authenticate, what kind of confirmation should we ask for before handing over our currency?
A: Not all banks will have the machine, but if they verify your currency on site, then they will give you a receipt saying they sign off on it, and if so, I’m good if they are good.

Q1: Anything out of the mosques? ATMs in post offices? Any dong updates?
A: No, no, and no.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller: Have your Iraqi sources said anything about the kind of celebrations? [Not yet.] What is the latest on the NDA? Standard form from the US Treasury, or forms unique to each of the banks?

RayRen: Years ago, it was all about an NDA from the Treasury, but the banks have also come up with special deals and may have their own NDAs as well, for the contract rates. I have not heard any solid information that can be confirmed as yet; it’s hearsay, and we know not to count on hearsay.

Caller: If the Mosul celebration has not occurred by Friday, will we have a call then?

RayRen: Either way, we will have a call, if only “what the heck happened?!”

520 caller: [Appreciation] Any chance of your coming back out to Arizona? Can we have a list of your trainings so that we can come to you?

RayRen: I don’t know if there is a plan for me to come out there again, but I can send you a list of the trainings.

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donate page.

805 caller: Is there any influence that could speed this up? I know it’s inevitable…

RayRen: I don’t think so, especially if Iraq is saying they’re waiting for Mosul. I don’t see how any other country can speed that up apart from sending troops. From the way it sounds and everyone is getting information, they’re saying it will wrap up this week.

Iowa caller: [didn’t hear the question] Seven years is long enough, eh?

423 caller: It feels like we are on the home stretch. When it comes out, you think the rates might go up for two weeks and then come back down; is that going to happen when the internet group starts exchanging? Or when it goes public? Are there enough of us to make it go up now, when we start exchanging?

RayRen: My only expectation of the rates going up is when it hits the market, so I don’t think they will go up because we are exchanging (privately, in advance of the public.)

Caller: I thought the fact we would be selling dinar might set that off…

RayRen: No, the MARKET will drive it up – when the hedge funds realize that there is a possible bargain or investment there. It’s going to be short-lived and temporary. The RV and our exchanges will be based on the perceived value of the country’s assets. They cannot formally revalue the currency at intervals at less than 90 days. So if the RV rate comes out at $4, say, Iraq itself cannot then change the value for 90 days, and then by 2%… but the market can drive up the price if more people want dinar.

340 VI caller: I have a lot of Zim, in the region of 100 quads. If the rate is something like 2-3 cents, that’s 2-3 million dollars per 100 trillion, if you delete six zeros. If the rate comes out at 45 cents, is there enough money in the world to exchange for that? I have a friend who has nearly a pallet of Zim! Where will the money come from to pay for that?

RayRen: You’ll have to wait it out and see what happens. The key thing is to imagine the different scenarios and have a plan or strategy to deal with each one.

Caller: Have you heard about structured payouts?

RayRen: I have heard rumors but nothing official. They mentioned it a few years ago; we haven’t received anything on that Now. Conditions change.

Caller: Have you heard of any SKRs being funded?

RayRen: Not yet, not with the SKR holders I know.

Caller: Is the Afghani still in the first basket? What about Iranian rials?

RayRen: I believe so; I’m looking forward to that, but if not, there is a nice maneuver for us after the fact. I haven’t heard of any changes in the rial yet.

918 caller: What was that about dong at the banks?

RayRen: Some banks have changed their policy such that you have to pay for dong when you pick it up now, because they are expected rate changes.

Caller: At one time, we were told that we would sign the FinCen form, or the bank would sign that form to say if the exchange is an investment or an exchange.

RayRen: It’s still part of the program, because any transaction over 10K is reported. The form is to alert the government that someone is moving big money around, in case they are up to no good. If you’re not up to no good, it’s just part of the program to send in the form saying you just did a 75 million dollar deal – no big deal, they know anyway. It’s an electronic thing they do as part of the underwriting stage, done at night. But you can ask when you do your exchange, if you have a concern.

Caller: I saw a comment on Recaps saying that 100 trillion zim note with six zeros moved @ three cents is $3,000 rather than $3,000,000. This late in the game, people need to get it together – or take a calculator, at least.

FL caller: Birthday in Jamaica? I’ll be there on 1. June for a funeral…

RayRen: If not on Friday, then I’m happy to go on Monday!

406 caller: I heard there might be a seminar in Coeur d’Alene…?

RayRen: That’s just a meet-and-greet and possible workshop that IdahoUSA is setting up; the date is not set yet, but I’m sure when it is, IdahoUSA will post it in the forum. She’s on top of that now.

Closing Statement

I think we’re looking good. We had some bank people really thinking we would do something Monday/Tuesday, but the majority are now thinking Thursday to Saturday. It looks like full Liberation of Mosul will be announced by the 19th, with celebrations being planned. The G7 meeting is in the next few days, and everything appears to be lining up. We’ll see in the next few days if it is this week or spilling into next week. Right now the information seems to point to tomorrow through the weekend. I would like it to be today so that I can be in Jamaica for my birthday on Friday. We are also lining up to visit the air show in Paris towards the end of June, thinking about purchasing a plane as a group, and there are some other financially-connected things. There is a dream cruise in Detroit on 19. August, and we will be there as well, blending in. Put that on your calendar and watch the cars cruise down the street, with a social gathering on the Saturday night with a big costume party on the theme of Harlem Nights. 

Everyone I’ve talked to is focused on this week, and Thursday seems to be the hot day. For those who have been supporting the site and the calls, thank you. I know it’s an inconvenience to mail in checks rather than using your credit card or PayPal, and of course the snail mail is slower, but I think we’ll still make it through. In another two weeks we’ll be finished with this month, and with the RV coming in, that will change all conditions, and we won’t need to have calls! Hang on until this ride comes to a complete stop; let’s ride it out to the end so we can step off, and step onto the next one, enjoying our new future together.  https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/tax/legacy/2009/03/11/RRenfrow_Order.pdf

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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